Clutter Patrol

Is this the year you resolve to keep the house tidy and organized? Well, take a look at these ideas for clearing clutter.
Catch-All Entrances

Cost: $15 for coat hooks, $40 for storage bins, $20 for bulletin board.

Time: An afternoon.

Skill Level: Beginner.

Keep chaos from infiltrating your home by converting your entrance into a locker room, outfitted to organize the paraphernalia for your family's interests.

  • Use shelves with appropriate-size storage bins for sports equipment and outdoor clothing.
  • If you don't have built-in shelves, place storage containers along the base of a wall or on freestanding shelves.
  • Remember to allow space for muddy shoes to dry.
  • Give each child their own shelf or bin to store backpacks and school papers.
  • Install wall hooks, assigning one or two to each family member.
  • Finally, set up a bulletin board in this area to keep track of everybody's events.

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