Closet Shelving

Closet shelving can transform your closets into efficient and well-organized spaces. Planning the right shelf heights and depths is essential to maximizing every inch of your closet -- whether you are storing shoes and purses in a bedroom clothing closet or cans of food and pantry staples in a kitchen closet. Take into consideration the things that you need to store on closet shelves and plan the shelf heights accordingly, plus make sure your shelves are sturdy enough and are installed with the correct hardware to bear the weight of whatever you plan to store on them. Learn how to install closet shelving with our step-by-step guide for this easy do-it-yourself project, and see how to combine shelves with other closet storage solutions such as bars and baskets to fully maximize your closet space. Plus, research different closet shelving systems with our free guide that outlines the features of each system. And sign up for our weekly storage newsletter, which is filled with tips for organizing your closets and every other room in your home.


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