Mantel Styling Tips

We challenged bloggers to style a mantel in 30 seconds. See what they did and get their smart tips for decorating a mantel.

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Our Innovation Home

Have you ever wanted to unlock your door with a fingerprint? Control the indoor and outdoor lights with your phone? You can do those things and more with a smart home. We show you how to get a home with connected technology and remote-operated devices that are designed to improve and simplify your life. We sift through the many options, including smart appliances, new apps, and smartphone and tablet innovation, and only bring you those that can make your life better. We give you tips and tricks for navigating the new home technologies and help you with buying decisions.

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Dream Decorating Decade

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

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Fab Fall Finds

Get your home ready for fall with these cozy decorative accents!

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No-Sew Pillows

No need for a needle and thread with these easy no-sew pillow projects. Use transfer paper, buttons, and beyond to create easy statement pillows without the hassle of sewing.

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Room Arranging Made Easy

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

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Linen Closet Organization

Organize your bed and bath supplies in a jiffy by cleaning up your linen closet with these tips and tricks. These storage-savvy secrets will help make sure every item in your closet in its right place.


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    • Clean and Tidy

      Prevent mountains of towels, blankets, and sheets from piling up with a neat and organized linen closet. Adjustable shelving is the foundation for neat organization in this hall linen closet. The repositionable brackets make it easy to reconfigure shelves for optimal storage.

    • At the Door

      Use an over-the-door towel rack to keep table linens neat and ready for entertaining at a moment’s notice. Over-the-door storage is not only convenient and accessible, but it also allows for extra space on the shelves and throughout the closet.

    • Label Your Linens

      Keep linens organized based on where you plan to use them. Sort sheets for each bedroom in the house into their own storage bins so finding the right set is always easy. Keep towels ready to grab in a hurry by tying a complete set of towels together with a ribbon. When guests arrive, your linens will be presentation ready and quickly within reach.

    • Sheet Organizer

      Stop rummaging through the closet to find all the sheets in a set. Instead, drop a rubber-coated wire pan rack into a soft-sided storage box to stand multiple sheet sets side by side. Fold a pillow case around each set for an easy grab.

    • Closet Workspace

      Create a space to sort, fold, and mend linens with everything you need within reach. Start by attaching a deep shelf at waist height to serve as a work space. Attach a battery-power puck light underneath a higher shelf to light up the space. On a nearby shelf, use stacking boxes with tiered compartments to keep sewing tools, extra bathroom supplies, and any other knick-knacks you may need in an organized spot.

    • Tray It

      Keep small items organized with trays that are typically used to sort small office supplies. Create your own go-to spa kit by filling trays with pampering supplies, ready to pull out whenever you're in need of a retreatlike getaway.

    • Travel Bag

      Assemble travel bags filled with small-size toiletries in plastic zippered bags so you're always ready to go. Prepare one for each family member, personalized with his or her favorites.

    • Treat Your Guests

      Welcome guests with a thoroughly stocked hospitality kit. A canvas china-storage box designed for small coffee cups includes dividers that neatly compartmentalize if-you-left-it-at-home toiletries, as well as some pampering extras.

    • At the Ready

      Stock a cleaning caddy with favorite supplies, paper towels, and cleaning tools so you're ready to go for cleaning day or a quick tidy-up. Toss toilet paper in a handled tote and periodically carry the tote throughout the house to restock each bathroom.

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      Store It Right

      Gather shoe polish, rags, and extra shoelaces in a plastic storage box with a latch to keep these stainable items away from clean linens. Use a lockbox to store medicines and first aid supplies. Store the box on a high shelf and hide the key from curious little hands.

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      Sleep Tight

      Air out feather and down pillows or comforters in breathable fabric bags. Protect synthetic and down-alternative pillows from dust and allergens by stashing them in zippered plastic pouches.

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      Clever Storage Closets

      Built-in closets are the ultimate storage solution, but why not take things to the next level by creating a functional room within the hidden space?
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