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Standard Closet Revamp
Standard Closet Revamp

    Behind a pair of doors in most bedrooms, you expect to find a standard 8-foot-wide by 3-foot-deep closet. But in this bedroom storage space, size is where predictability stops. The organization starts with standard fare: a plastic-coated wire closet system. But beyond the shelving and chrome hanging rods, you'll find versatile wooden-frame drawers, pressboard compartments, and canvas bins, all mounted easily on vertical supports. Add a mix of containers to the plan, and you've created a layout that is organized for personalized storage in a single spot with limited square footage.

Organizing Bells & Whistles

    On one side, wire shelves holding boxes of shoes and accessories complement a pair of hanging rods. Wooden drawers strategically mounted waist-high provide bureau-style storage for undergarments, while creating a small vanity area for finishing touches. Below the drawers, cubbies make it easy to see and access another dozen pairs of shoes.

Easy Shoe Storage

    Acrylic shoeboxes make finding the right footwear fun. Simply pop open the box's drop-down front, grab, and go. These specialty boxes come with slits in the bottom to accommodate extra-high heels or larger widths and lengths.

Use the Door

    A plastic-coated over-the-door rod capitalizes on underused space inside the closet door, creating a roomy home for long garments.

Organize By Type

    Fabric-covered boxes are labeled to hold different groups of clothing designed for different purposes. With a folded step stool tucked away on the floor, off-season clothes, extra purses, linens, and more can be retrieved from a high top shelf.

Accessory Organization

    A decorative napkin holder cleverly repurposed to hold a wallet, pairs nicely with a leather tray and jewelry tree to keep personal accessories at fingertips.

Drawer Storage

    Bureau-style drawers are outfitted with fabric-covered drawer organizers keep underclothing tidy. A sachet adds a sweet scent.

Closet Sections

    Multiple sections with hanging bars are positioned on both sides of the closet to accommodate hanging shirts and other short length apparel. Baskets slipped into open shelving hold folded items, and undergarments stash privately in canvas drawers. Shoes are within easy reach -- either from a slanted wire shoe shelf or in see-through storage boxes.

A Place for Pants

    A rolling trolley for pants, left, adds an upscale touch to this closet portion, neatly organizing slacks on cedar posts.

Folded Clothing Storage

    Premade pallets of thin cedar planking and a chrome vertical divider, above, snap into place on a wire shelf to keep folded clothing neatly stacked and separated by type, season, or owner.

Petite Walk-In Closet

    This once disaster-zone closet became a well-organized storage sanctuary with a few smart and simple changes. Adding drawers, clever storage, and a cube tower gave everything in this closet a designated home.

Crafty Cupboards

    Precut cork squares affixed to a cupboard door with adhesive spray become a handy spot for clothing receipts or reminders. Shelf paper is easily adhered to modular pieces before installation.

Clear View

    Clear storage boxes reveal what's inside, so no more digging for items. Plus, these small boxes neatly organize jewelry in a single space.

Labels for Organization

    Label holders guide you easily through your morning routine. Affix these holders to shelf fronts to designate spots for specific clothing items, which make it easy to find what you're looking for. These labels also make putting away clean clothes a breeze.

Wall Storage

    Easily installed, this over-the-door full-length mirror eliminates nail holes in woodwork. A slat-board system holds hooks for purses and hats -- and looks great. It can cover a whole wall or just the area above or below a chair rail.

A Chic Walk-In Closet

    Organize your closet and claim every inch of space. Determine what you should keep and what to toss by answering the following questions: Does it fit? Do you wear it? Is it in good shape? If you answer no to any of these, consider it safe to get rid of it.

Chic Design That's Functional

    Removing one of the shelves in this closet opened up space to lean a small wall mirror and display a few personal mementos. It's also the perfect spot to store perfume because your closet is a cool, dry place, and you can easily spritz it on while getting dressed.

To the Rack

    With pressed shirts, jackets, and dresses taking up most of the hanging space, this clever wall-mounted trouser rack fits snugly on the depth of the side wall and provides 10 spots to hang dress pants. Plus, the rods swivel, making it easy to grab just one pair of pants at a time.

Packed with Storage Potential

    Located in a spot where it's easy to grab things on the way out and drop them off on the way in, this shelf nook is the perfect catchall for pocket items. In the drawer, a long, removable canvas organizer keeps socks in one place.

Single-Door Closet

    Live large and make the most of this small space. In this closet, a simple self-assembled shelving unit provides loads of adjustable space for folded T-shirts, jeans, and sweaters, while also accommodating boxes and baskets filled with camisoles and undergarments.

Stick with It

    A pair of stick-on utility hooks helps squeeze every inch of space out of this slender wall. Easy to use and cheap, these hooks are deceptively strong and keep soft items from getting crushed.

Seasonal Stowaway

    When winter is done, bulky jackets and sweaters don't need to steal prime hanging or shelf space in your closet. Instead, stash them in a large cardboard box on the top shelf. Clean winter boots will fit nicely alongside, and when it's time to bundle up again, out-of-season summer clothes and sandals can take their place.

Hidden Storage

    Hidden behind the hanging clothes on the back wall of your closet, this coat-hook rack doubles as a smart belt and scarf hanger in what was untapped closet storage space.

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