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living room overall
Smart Seating

    To give the living room that sought-after, collected-over-time look, a flea-market table and an old wicker chair mix with new upholstered pieces in the sitting area. An apartment-size sofa, positioned to offer views of both the fireplace and the windows, is small enough to move easily but long enough for napping. An upholstered bench and two chairs, one white wicker and the other a petite but comfy chair upholstered in a subtle check, complete the conversation area.

Colorful Breakfast Space

    The breakfast room's willowware and striped cushion patterns work because the fabrics share a yellow-and-blue color palette.

Before: The Starting Point

    Beige may be boring, but it makes a good interim color for a room, providing a quiet environment in which you can objectively evaluate and reevaluate options until you're more comfortable committing to a color. The sofa provides a solid starting point for the room, with clean lines and easy-to-complement blue upholstery. Inexpensive black accent tables, purchased at a discount store, can easily move into a family room later. Checked chairs may be classic and comfy, but the style is a bit traditional for the future version of this room.

After: The Finish Line

    Details reign in the final stage of this makeover with a fearless mix of colors, patterns, and styles. Regular placement of black accent furniture punctuates the liberal assortment of pattern, art, and accessories -- some new, some retained from prior stages.

The Cottage View Collection

    The Cottage View Collection from Better Homes and Gardens is casual and comfortable with a warm easy living style. The feminine details and distressed finishes of this collection will add a touch of beautiful, effortless charm to your home.

The Classics Today Collection

    For styles that are as current as they are classic, the Classics Today collection from Better Homes and Gardens features traditional designs that have remained livable and practical.

The Modern Outlook Collection

    With the Better Homes and Garden's Modern Outlook colllection , you can add a bit of sophistication to any room. This collection offers a sense of modern with smooth lines and traditional roots.

Mixing Finishes with Fantastic Results

    With the Better Homes and Gardens Cottage View Collection, you can choose from a natural distressed Rustic Cherry or painted options like white and black. The Classics Today collection features a traditional cherry finish, while Modern Outlook appears in a Sophisticated dark walnut. Don't be afraid to mix pieces with different finishes to create a look that is uniquely you.

Transcending Accents

    The Asian infused design of the Better Homes and Gardens Transcending Accents collection add color and life to any room.

Mixing Styles

    Three styles of Better Homes Furniture are designed to complement each other. Mix the casual easy living style of Cottage View with the traditional designs and modern livability of Classics today and the smooth lines and traditional roots of Modern Outlook to create a look that expresses your own personal style.

Color Punch

    A living room should be suited for just that: living. So forget rimming your room with furniture and instead, pull it closer to create conversation areas. The walls and accessories stay neutral, but yellow and tangerine upholstery adds a punch of color without overwhelming. Muted pillows tame the brights and tie the whole room together.

Informal Seating

    Relaxing the color scheme in a banquette signals a break from the formality of the dining room. Here, classic stripe fabric on the seating coordinates with the yellow wallpaper and dotted seat covers.

Natural Wood and Vaulted Ceiling

    French doors and windows line one side of this remodeled basement, filling the space with natural light and providing easy access to the outdoors. The beam structure of the vaulted ceiling complements exposed beams and rough plaster finishes found throughout the house.

Dysfunctional Family Room: Before

    The family room is the center of the household. This room, with white walls and old furniture, was in desperate need of a little TLC.

Refreshed Family Room: After

    To warm up the room, a cozy yellow and apple green color scheme was incorporated through the walls and furniture. Country French style accents were added to give a family-friendly feel. Quick Tip: A warm color palette like this one is perfect for all seasons.

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