Basic Headpiece, Veil, and Tiara

From a simple floral spray to an elaborate crown of jewels, headpieces are easy to assemble.

What You Need:
Enlarge Image Get stylish by adding silk ribbons, pearls, crystal, beads, or flowers.
  • Pearl headband
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Purchased clay flowers, clusters of small silk flowers and artificial leaves
  1. Begin with a pearl headband. Make a perfect bow, and glue the bow to the top of the headband. Let the glue cool.
  2. Apply purchased clay flowers, clusters of small silk flowers, and embellishments of your choice to the band.
  3. Fill in all spaces across the headband using additional silk flowers and leaves as desired.
What You Need:
Enlarge Image Stitch a narrow ribbon along the edges of a veil to give it body.
  • Tulle
  • Headband
  • Needle
  • Clear sewing thread
  • Sharp sewing scissors
  1. Position the band on the bride's head and measure from the band down to where the veil will end.
  2. Determine the number of layers the bride wants for her veil and cut accordingly. (Example: If the bride wants a 2-layer, 42-inch veil, cut an 84-inch long piece of tulle.) Round off all the corners.
  3. Run a gathering stitch across the width at the center point (most tulle is 45 inches wide), then flip the tulle on one side of the stitching over and pull the gathering stitch to gather the doubled layers.
  4. For a layered veil of different layer lengths, simply gather closer to one side instead of the middle. Attach the veil to the headband with clear sewing thread.
  5. Note: To hem the edges, make a rolled hem with a serger.
What You Need:
  • Plain satin headband
  • Purchased rhinestones, pearls, and fancy buttons
  • Glue
  1. Begin with a plain satin headband. Purchase rhinestones, pearls, and fancy buttons to create a "tiara" type headband.
  2. Place all the buttons in a bowl and mix them up. Pull buttons or pearls from the bowl at random, and glue them to the headband.
  3. Finish the "tiara" by clustering a stack of jeweled buttons in the center of the headband.
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