Scrapbook Entry & Mint Box

Dimensional flowers cascade over this scrapbook entry and coordinating mint box.

What You Need:

wedding scrapbook entry and mint box Save the most memorable day of your
life inside this decorative

  • 9-1/2 x 11 archival-quality photo album page
  • Lace border stickers
  • Beige, blue, pale blue, lavender, pale peach, and green papers
  • Scallop-edge scissors
  • Fine-tip metallic gold marking pen
  • Color copy of wedding photo
  • Decorative paper punches: Jumbo Craft Punch 1-inch-wide daisy, All Night Media 5/8-inch-wide flower, and 1-inch-wide four-hearts
  • Assorted seed beads
  • Acid-free glue
  • Purchased small bag
  • 8 inch length of 1-1/2-inch-wide sheer ribbon


1. Download the free pattern for this project (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software).


2. Adhere lace border stickers around the edges of the album page. Use the gold marking pen to write a message on the beige paper; trim around the message with the scallop-edge scissors. Trim the photo around the wedding couple, eliminating the background. Position the photo and message paper on the pages as directed; glue in place. Adhere narrow lace stickers around the straight edges of the photo.

3. For each large dimensional flower, use the 1-inch-wide daisy punch to punch three or four flowers from the light blue, lavender, or pale peach paper. Layer the three or four flowers on the album page. When you are pleased with the arrangement, glue the layers together and curl the petals up slightly. Repeat to make as many large flowers as desired.

4. For each small dimensional flowers, use the 5.8-inch-wide flower paper to punch two flowers from the blue, light blue, lavender, or pale peach paper. Layer the small flowers on the page. Glue the flowers in place, curling the top layer of petals up slightly. Repeat to make as many flowers as desired.

5. Use the four-heart punch to punch hearts from a variety of paper colors. Glue the small hearts around the flowers to fill in any gaps. Cut leaves from the green paper. Glue the leaves to the page, slipping one end under the flowers.

6. When the glue is dry, glue one to three seed beads at the center of the small flowers and approximately 10 beads at the center of the large flowers.

7. Use the gold marking pen to shade several of the scallops around the message paper. Referring to the photos, left, for ideas, use the marking pen to embellish the bottom corners of the photo and to extend the flower lines. Add the couple's name along the bottom of the photo.

8. For the gift bag, make flowers as for the album page, positioning a single large flower on the flap and a group of flowers on the center front of the bag. Cut a 3-2/4 x 1-1/2-inch gift tag and punch a daisy in one half.

9. To attach the tag, wrap the sheer ribbon around the handle and through the daisy punch; tie a knot.