Tie-It-Up Gift Cards

Large or small, any size card is festive when trimmed with a gift.

What You Need:

Add ornaments to cards with this
tie-it-up creations.


1. Fold art paper to the desired card size (the cards, right, are 5 x 5 and 4 x 9 inches), using a second color slightly smaller if desired.

2. Cut two pieces of felt, approximately 2 11/42 x 2 11/42 inches for a square package or 1 31/44 x 3 11/42 inches for a rectangular package.

3. Using a running stitch, and with wrong sides together, sew three sides of the felt together. Stuff with a small amount of batting. Sew the remaining side closed.

4. Poke small holes in the card front at sides of gift. Lace silver cording through the holes, over gift, and tie in a bow. The potpourri-filled gifts double as sachets.