Thanks for the Memories

Turn a cherished photograph into memorable gift wrap and cards by reproducing the image on a computer or photocopier.

What You Need:

Dog Print Wrapping Paper The card gets an added retro boost
from old-fashioned tinsel trim.

  • Vintage photograph
  • Home computer with a scanner and greeting card and sticker software or a color photocopier
  • Solid-color paper
  • Card stock in the desired color and white
  • Glue stick and tacky crafts glue
  • Scrap of metallic silver tinsel
  • Decorative-edge scissors
  • Photo stickers
  • Small purchased tag


1. Cut out desired image. To make the wrapping paper on a computer, scan the image onto the computer. Repeat the image in rows.

2. To use a photocopier, print and cut out multiple copies of the same image. Glue the images to a single sheet of paper for a template. Photocopy the template.

3. Cut a single image from the printed paper and glue it to the card. Using tacky glue, cover the edge of the image with silver tinsel.

4. Computer-print or hand-letter a greeting onto white card stock. Cut out the greeting with decorative-edge scissors and glue it to the card.

5. If using a home computer, print the photo onto a sticker. Adhere the sticker to a purchased tag. If using a photocopier, reduce the size of the image. Cut out the image and glue it to a purchased tag.