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    • Fingerprint Fish Clock

      Blend paint with your fingertips and press onto a clock frame to make a school of delightful fish.

    • Holiday Evergreen Soap

      Miniature Christmas trees make an unexpected appearance in these pretty holiday soaps.

    • Bright Candles

      Reflect the light of the season with dazzling mirror candleholders.

    • Knit-to-Fit Mittens

      Little siblings and friends will love wearing toasty-warm mittens made just for them.

    • Pretty Pencil Holder

      Artful motifs cut from decorative papers beautify this set of pencils and holder.

    • Tiny Tote

      Dress up a tiny canvas tote with clusters of floral and leaf beads.

    • Colored Candleholders

      For an informal gathering or a grand event, these vividly painted candleholders help brighten the celebration.

    • Sand Candles

      With just a few supplies and a couple of quick steps, you can create tiny candleholders for everyone on your list.

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