Pink Pizzazz Purse

This ultra mod bag is made from recycled pink sweaters. Use fashion rings to attach a pink striped handle, sew in a zipper closure, and add a buckle strap for a decorative touch.
Crafts Supplies for Pink Pizzazz Purse

What you'll need:

Pink purse made from recycled sweaters

  • Solid pink felted sweater
  • Striped pink felted sweater
  • Silver 2-1/8-inch rings (Dritz Glamour Rings #121-65)
  • Silver 1-5/8-inch buckle (Dritz Buckle #152-65)
  • 9-inch pink zipper
  • Hook-and-loop fastener square or dot
  • Dressmaker's chalk
  • Measure, scissors, pins, sewing machine, needle, thread
  • Seam ripper
  • Safety pins
  • Zipper presser foot

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