Kitchen Collage

Group favorite keepsakes into miniature collections that reflect special interests and add a personal touch to your home.

What You Need:

cherry theme scrapbook collage in hanging frame You might choose to create a
special display of old recipes and


  1. Use the sponge brush to apply two coats of paint to the frame. When the paint is dry, apply two coats of spray varnish.
  2. Trim the apron 1 inch beyond the edges of the backing board; reserve the apron ties. Mount the apron on the board, adhering the edges to the back.
  3. Layer some of the photos and recipes with pieces of scrapbook paper cut slightly larger than the photos. Arrange the items and mount in place with acid-free adhesive.
  4. Reassemble the frame. Tie together the finished ends of the apron, and glue the opposite ends to the back of the frame. Glue buttons to the frame front and apron ties.