Pressed Leaf Tray

Perfect for serving breakfast in bed, this tray is also at home just hanging around. Placed in a window or on a wall, the leaf-strewn tray becomes a work of autumnal art.

Materials (for one tray)

  • Antique serving tray or ornate picture frame in desired size
  • One set of handles, if using picture frame
  • Two pieces of glass or clear plastic cut to fit the tray or frame
  • Gold acrylic paint, brown antiquing, and sealer: Delta
  • Sponge
  • Assorted dried, pressed leaves
  • Screws
  • 1- to 1-1/2 inch molding, enough to encircle back of tray or frame
  • Miter saw


Editor's note: If you add handles to a picture frame for this project, they must attach from the outside. Most drawer pulls attach from the inside. Instead, look for screen door handles.

1. Remove solid back from tray or picture frame. Cut a second piece of glass or two pieces of clear plastic to fit the frame.

2. Paint the frame and handles with a base coat of gold. Let dry. Brush antiquing mixture on the frame. Add textured look by using a sponge to remove some of the antiquing. Let dry. Seal.

3. Cut the molding with a miter saw to the same size as the frame. If you do not have a saw available, a framing shop will fit the back. Paint and antique the molding to match the frame. Set aside.

4. Place one glass piece in the frame. Arrange dried leaves, colorful side down, on the glass. Arrange small leaves near the outside; larger ones near the center. Place a second piece of glass over first.

5. Drill holes into the molding. Screw molding into place on the back of the frame to hold glass in place. Attach the handles.


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