Tasteful Tea Party

Little girls love dressing in beautiful clothes and acting "grown up." And, they are generally delighted with tea parties, from the tiny cups and saucers to the enchanting miniature cakes, fancy cookies and decorative sandwiches.
Invitations & Decorations
Teddy Bear Girl You might invite guests
to bring Teddy to tea.

There are endless variations on a tea party theme, including teddy bear teas, doll tea parties, Alice in Wonderland tea, Little Women outdoor tea, fairy tea parties, dress-up parties. Whichever you choose, the fancier the better. Make or select invitations and decorations to match your theme.

Inviting Ideas

  • Cut teacup shapes from folded construction paper.
  • Buy stationery with teacups, teddy bears, flowers, or a Victorian-lace theme, and print your invitations on your computer using a fancy typeface.
  • Glue a tea bag, scraps of lace, and hearts on the front of a folded card, then write "Come to a Tea Party!" and the details on the inside.
  • Use paper and envelopes in pastel or bright colors, especially pink, blue, and purple.


Dressup Girl Well-dressed guests
are part of the decor!

  • Make a canopy over the center of your tea table using colored streamers. Streamers should cascade from a bow in the middle or toward the sides of the room.
  • Tie balloons in bunches of three and attach them to the backs of chairs or near the tea table.
  • Flower arrangements -- real or silk -- add a grown-up note.
  • Set up an area for dolls or teddy bears on a pretty quilt or picnic blanket. Having miniature tea cups or plates for the dolls and bears will add to the effect.
  • Buy child-size white gloves and either colorful women's hats from a thrift store or purcahse inexpensive straw hats that will fit the guests. Distribute hats and gloves to guests as they arrive.
  • Invite guests to come dressed up in fancy clothes and hats, or have a supply of dress-up gowns and other clothing.

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