Mantel Styling Tips

We challenged bloggers to style a mantel in 30 seconds. See what they did and get their smart tips for decorating a mantel.

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Our Innovation Home

Have you ever wanted to unlock your door with a fingerprint? Control the indoor and outdoor lights with your phone? You can do those things and more with a smart home. We show you how to get a home with connected technology and remote-operated devices that are designed to improve and simplify your life. We sift through the many options, including smart appliances, new apps, and smartphone and tablet innovation, and only bring you those that can make your life better. We give you tips and tricks for navigating the new home technologies and help you with buying decisions.

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Dream Decorating Decade

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

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Fab Fall Finds

Get your home ready for fall with these cozy decorative accents!

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No-Sew Pillows

No need for a needle and thread with these easy no-sew pillow projects. Use transfer paper, buttons, and beyond to create easy statement pillows without the hassle of sewing.

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Room Arranging Made Easy

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home and garden plus recipes and entertaining ideas.

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Creative Picasso Theme Party

Your kids will love this party filled with bright colors, creative crafts, and yummy treats.


    Everything in this slideshow

    • Picasso Party

      This theme party is perfect for little budding artists who will love the chance to express their creativity in a tasty way. Kids can experiment with color through fun crafts and activities. Yummy snacks are a delightful surprise when displayed in multicolored bowls, on vibrant napkins, or paint-color sample strips.

    • Bright and Colorful Invitation

      A colorful cupcake invitation made from scrapbook paper and our pattern, below, is the perfect way to let guests know about the upcoming party.

    • Candy Jewelry

      Let kids play with their food with this fun and delicious craft.

      How to Make It:
      Separate lengths of twist string candy, then thread on a variety of treats with holes in the centers. When finished, secure the ends with a knot. Kids will have a blast making them, then eating them.

      See next slide for a list of items to string.

    • Edible "Beads"

      Present these goodies in cute bowls down the center of a table for easy access by all party guests and as a colorful centerpiece. Here are some treats that work best:
      -- Fruit-flavor round toasted cereal
      -- Hard mint candies with holes
      -- Hard or chewy round fruit-flavor candies
      -- Miniature cookies with holes

    • Veggie Paints

      Cut broccoli and carrots to look like paintbrushes, and then dip them in salad dressing and mustard "paints." Use tortillas, available in a variety of flavors and colors, as canvases.

    • Tasty Chicken

      Miniature cups of sauces make this familiar meal mimic a painter's palette. No utensils required for this finger-friendly main dish!

    • Refreshing Beverage

      In this layered, slushy drink, top off frozen juices with fizzy lemon-lime soda.

    • Decorate Dessert

      Bake cupcakes ahead of time, but leave the decorating to the kids. Set out small bowls of frosting, colorful sugars, and bright candies. Kids can keep individual cupcakes monochromatic or mix and match for a rainbow look.

    • Picasso Pops

      The key to successfully making these homemade lollipops is keeping the hard candies in bowls separated by color. This way, kids can create the designs they imagine without colors running together too much. Be sure to let the pops cool completely after baking.

      See next slide for step-by-step instructions.

    • 10 of 13

      Picasso Pops: Step 1

      Arrange colorful hard candies in bowls. Leave some candies whole. Place some of the other candies in large, heavy resealable plastic bags. Then, place the bags on a cutting board and use a rolling pin to coarsely crush the candies.

    • 11 of 13

      Picasso Pops: Step 2

      Create lollipop designs by arranging the candies 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick on a baking sheet lined with foil. For a distinct shape, use metal cookie cutters as a guide, carefully lifting the cutter from the sheet before baking. Space pops at least 2 inches apart and leave room to add sticks after baking.

    • 12 of 13

      Picasso Pops: Step 3

      Bake in a preheated oven until the candies have completely melted (about 6-8 minutes). After they come out, immediately attach a lollipop stick to the base of each pop, twisting the stick to cover with melted candy. Let cool completely on foil before lifting the lollipops off the foil.

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      Throw a One-of-a-Kind Tea Party

      Set the scene for a one-of-a kind tea party with these creative ideas.
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