Citrus Wreath

Welcome birds and butterflies to your yard with this colorful and delectable wreath.

+ enlarge image This citrus sensation will liven up any entryway.

Fresh citrus slices and nutritious rose hips (fruity seedpods of roses) will attract fruit-eating birds, such as Baltimore Orioles, catbirds, tanagers, red-bellied and red-headed woodpeckers, and house finches. Birds probably won't be daring enough to feast on the wreath if it hangs on your front door, so place it on a fence, gate, or tree.

What You Need:

+ enlarge image With a few materials, you can create this seasonal wreath.
  • Oranges (and apples)
  • Rose hips (you can substitute bunches of juniper, bayberry, or bittersweet)
  • Hemlock boughs
  • Knife
  • Wire cutter
  • Grapevine wreath, wire, and florist picks (available at crafts stores)


+ enlarge image Step 1

1. Gather bunches of hemlock stems and attach to wreath by wrapping with wire. Secure branches of rose hips or other berries the same way. Work section by section until you cover the wreath.

+ enlarge image Step 2

2. Cut oranges and apples into halves and sections. Attach to the wreath, pulp side out, using florist picks. Periodically, replace eaten fruit with fresh pieces.

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