May Day (or Any Day) Tokens

Make old containers into "bouquet" baskets.

Jelly Jar Charm

Arrange flowers in a jar.

Tie a bit of jute rope around the throat of a canning jar, using the excess to create a loop for draping over doorknobs or hooks. Blue glass adds color, and jute lends a rustic feel. The simple arrangement of purple Dutch irises and white lily-of-the-valleys offers long-lasting fragrance and color.

Bouquet in a Can

Flowers in a Can Turn a classic tin into
a retro flower basket.

A vintage tin can (or a colorful modern aluminum container) makes a classic basket for springtime blooms. Simply punch two holes near the rim of the can and run wire through each, pinching back the ends so the handle doesn't come off. A handful of delicate lily-of-the-valleys, as shown here, fill a small can with charm, but pick blooms of a larger scale if you use a bigger can.

Rustic Beauty

Serve up a springy display.

Even a rustic galvanized-tin vessel can hold a spring display. Tie ribbon around the dented or dinged container to pretty up the bucket. Rig a handle, if necessary, with a length of leather; here, the cord wraps around an old garden chair to create a focal point. A mixture of wildflowers completes the image of the perfect posy.