Leaf Garland

Although it looks good year-round, this leafy project is especially well-suited to autumn. With its bounty of fruit and vegetables, it's a perfect Thanksgiving complement to a mantel.
What You Need:

Branch out with this unusual garland.

  • Small- and medium-sized tree branches
  • Grapevines
  • Medium-gauge wire and wire cutters
  • Clusters of dried oak leaves
  • Small gold ornaments
  • Russet potatoes, oranges, and pomegranates (as desired)
  • Satin ribbon in desired color


1. Clip branches and wire them together. Clip enough branches and vines to span your mantel, then firmly wire together. Add more branches to create an interesting framework, but take care that branches will not drape into an area where sparks from fire could reach.

2. Add accents. Wire clusters of dried oak leaves to major branches; add gold balls, russet potatoes, oranges, and pomegranates to the garland, as desired.

3. Add ribbon. Entwine ribbon throughout arrangement. You can attach short pieces at various points or thread long pieces throughout entire garland.


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