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Peruvian Hat

Headed to the slopes? Spend the weekend prior knitting a colorful Peruvian-style hat so you can schuss in style!

Skill Level: Intermediate Size: Adult

Finished Measurements: Hat fits an adult with a head circumference approx 21 1/2 inches around. Hat is 12 1/2 inches tall, excluding earflaps and tassel.


Lion Brand Homespun (Art. 790) 98% acrylic, 2% polyester; 6 oz. (170 g); 185 yd. (169 m); bulky weight

  • 1 skein #370 Coral Gables (A)
  • 1 skein #371 Boston Rose (B)
  • 1 skein #300 Hepplewhite (C)
  • 1 skein #369 Florida Keys Green (D)

Needles & Extras

  • Size 10 (6 millimeters) knitting needles or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Size 10 (6 millimeters) 24-inch circular knitting needle
  • Blunt-end yarn needle
  • Stitch holder


  • 14 sts and 20 rows = 4 inches (10 centimeters) in St st (knit 1 row, purl 1 row)
  • Take time to check your gauge.

Notes: Stockinette stitch color patterns are worked from charts, reading right side rows from right to left and wrong side (WS) rows from left to right. When working with two colors in one row, carry strand not in use loosely along WS of fabric. To change color, bring next color from under present color for a "twist" to prevent holes.

Download the free pattern for this project. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.)

Hat pattern

Adobe Acrobat

FIRST EARFLAP: With A, cast on 3 sts.

Row 1 (WS): P3.

Row 2: Inc 1 st in first st, k1, inc 1 st in last st -- 5 sts.

Row 3: P5.

Row 4: Inc 1 st in first st, k to last 2 sts, inc 1 st in next st, k1 -- 7 sts.

Row 5: P7.

Row 6: With A, inc in first st, k2; with D, k1 (first row of Chart I is now in position); with A, k1, inc in next st, k1 -- 9 sts.

Keeping continuity of Chart I, inc 1 st each end next 3 RS rows -- 15 sts. Work Chart I through completion of Row 18.

Row 19: With A, p 1 row. Cut yarn and place sts onto a holder.

SECOND EARFLAP: Complete as for First Earflap. Do not cut yarn.

Hat Body

With A, cast on 9 sts onto beg of Second Earflap, k15 of Second Earflap, cast on 27 sts, k15 of First Earflap, cast on 9 sts -- 75 sts. P 1 row.

Beg with Row 1 of Chart II and work all RS rows from A to C, then B to C, then C to Z. When working WS rows, work form Z to B, then C to B, then B to A. Work chart through Row 20.

Row 21: With C, k across.

Shape top: Row 1: With C, p7; *p2tog, p10, rep from * to last 8 sts; p2tog, p6 -- 69 sts.

Row 2: *K1 of B, k5 of C; rep from * to last 3 sts; k1 of B, k2 of C.

Row 3: P1 of C; *p3 of B; with C (p1, p2tog), p3 of B, p3 of C; rep from * to last 8 sts; p3 of B; with C, p1, p2tog, p2 of B -- 63 sts.

Row 4: K3 of B; *k1 of C, k4 of B, k1 of C, k5 of B; rep from * to last 5 sts; k1 of C, k4 of B.

Row 5: With B, p3; *p2tog, p9; rep from * to last 5 sts; p2tog, p3 -- 57 sts.

Row 6: Substituting B for A, D for C, and A for B, work X-Y across 8 times then X-Z of Chart II, Row 1.

Rows 7-10: Work Chart II, Rows 2-5.

Row 11: With B, p2; *p2tog, p8; rep from * to last 5 sts; p2tog, p3 -- 51 sts.

Row 12: With B, k across.

Row 13 (WS): Use the color key chart, reversing colors and following key for Rows 1-20 to begin Chart II, Row 1 at Z and work to X; rep Y-X across.

Rows 14-17: Cont as est through completion of Chart Row 5.

Row 18: With B, k3; (k2tog, k4) across -- 43 sts.

Row 19: With B, p7; (p2tog, p7) across -- 39 sts.

Rows 20-24: Rep Rows 6-10 as above, working from X-Y 5 times then from X-Z once.

Row 25: With B, (p1, p2tog) across -- 26 sts.

Row 26: With B, k across.

Row 27: With B, (p2tog) across -- 13 sts.

Row 28: With B, (k2tog) across; end k1 -- 7 sts.

Break yarn leaving a long end. Thread tail through yarn needle, then through rem sts and fasten securely.

Edging: With RS facing and using A and circular needle, pick up and k9 sts to First Earflap, pick up 31 sts around Earflap, 27 sts across center front, 31 sts around Second Earflap and 9 sts to end -- 107 sts. Bind off knitwise on WS. Sew center back seam.

Ties (make 2): Cut two 24-inch-long strands each of colors A, B, and D. *Tightly twist the 2 strands of one color tog; rep for rem colors. Join 1 cord of each color to bottom of Earflap and braid for approx 5 inches. Leaving lower inch free, tie ends into an overhand knot.

Tassel: Cut a piece of cardboard 5 inches wide. Wind A around width of cardboard 22 times. Break yarn, leaving a long end, and thread the end through the yarn needle. Slip needle under all loops on the cardboard and tie tightly. Slip yarn off cardboard and wind yarn several times around the loops 3/4 inch below fold. Draw needle through top and sew tassel in position to top of Hat. Cut strands at opposite end of tassel and trim ends evenly.

Design by Gayle Bunn


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