In the Groove

Get in a '60s groove and lighten up your wardrobe. Hot colors, hip looks, and fabulous styles -- all the rage in the peace-and-love era -- hit this collection big!
Made for Shade

It's back! The mod cap hits the current scene looking just as "outta sight" as it would have in the '60s. Super-soft suede yarn gives the cap the feel of fabric. The sturdy visor is made up of two layers of single crochet.

For a pretty touch, slip this bit of lace around your neck. Size 5 pearl cotton thread, worked in double-crochet and chain stitches, creates a soft backdrop for an assortment of glass beads. Search for beads in a crafts or bead store; just be sure the ones you select have a center hole large enough to accommodate a fine steel crochet hook.

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