Give the gift of handmade warmth with a knitted item.


More Knitted Projects
Adorable Bag

Make a bold statement with this easy felted bag.

Easy Garter Stitch Scarf

Worn for warmth or fashion, this scarf knits up in an afternoon.

Cozy & Cute Socks

Stay warm with these cozy knit socks.

Everything in Wearables
Hats & Mittens
  • Easy Garter Stitch Wristers

    Easy to make, these wristers keep hands and wrists warm while leaving fingers free.

  • Elegant Knit Cloche

    With a flower perched jauntily on the side, this cloche adds style to any ensemble. The posy is easy to create from...

  • Felted Mittens

    Knit a pair of these warm felt mittens for yourself or to give as a gift.

  • Knit-to-Fit Mittens

    Like the little kittens that were smitten with their mittens, these kid-size duplicate-stitch versions are purr-fec...

  • Peruvian Hat

    Headed to the slopes? Spend the weekend prior knitting a colorful Peruvian-style hat so you can schuss in style!

  • So-Simple Knit Hats

    The wintry season is much more enjoyable when your head and ears are protected by a colorful knit cap.

  • So-Simple Knitted Mittens

    Outdoor games are so much more fun when your hands are snug and cozy inside handmade knitted mittens.

  • Two-Tone Scarf and Hat

    This is a perfect project for beginners. Start with the scarf, which is worked in simple rows of single crochet. Ad...


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