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Personalize a Pillow

Put your personalized stamp on a plain pillow with this easy monogramming technique starring paint.

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Top Flea Markets

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Knitted Baby Rainbow Quilt

Pastel tones in silky homespun yarn give this easy baby afghan a quilted look.

Skill Level: Easy

Finished Measurements: Approx 33 inches square

Lion Brand Homespun (Art. 790)
98% acrylic, 2% polyester; 6 oz. (170g); 185 yds. (167m); bulky weight

  • 2 balls #391 Blue Sky (A)
  • 2 balls #388 Lemonade (B)
  • 2 balls #390 Lavender Sachet (C)
  • 2 balls #389 Spring Green (D)
  • 2 balls #392 Cotton Candy (E)

Needles & Extra

Size 10 (6mm) 36-inch circular needle OR SIZE NEEDED TO OBTAIN GAUGE

Blunt-end yarn needle


14 sts and 20 rows = 4 inches (10cm) over St st (knit RS rows, purl WS rows).

Take time to check your gauge.

Special Abbreviation

sk2p = Double decrease worked by slipping 1 stitch knitwise, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over.
NOTES: Blanket is worked square by square, starting in the bottom left corner. See diagram, below, for color and the order in which the squares are made and assembled.

Basic Square

MC indicates larger area of color in square; CC indicates smaller area of color at top right corner of square.
With MC, cast on 25 sts.

Row 1 (and all WS rows): With MC, knit.

Row 2: K11, sk2p, k11.

Row 4: K10, sk2p, k10.

Row 6: K9, sk2p, k9.

Row 8: K8, sk2p, k8.

Row 10: K7, sk2p, k7.

Row 12: Change to CC, k6, sk2p, k6.

Row 14: K5, sk2p, k5.

Row 16: K4, sk2p, k4.

Row 18: K3, sk2p, k3.

Row 20: K2, sk2p, k2.

Row 22: K1, sk2p, k1.

Row 24: Sk2p.

Cut yarn and pull through rem st to secure.

Square 1

With MC, cast on 25 sts and follow directions for Basic Square.

Square 2-7

With new MC (see color diagram, right), pick up 12 sts along top of square just worked, cast on 13 sts. Follow directions for Basic Square (see color diagram for new CC).

Square 8

With new MC (see color diagram), cast on 13 sts, pick up 12 sts along right side of Square 1. Follow directions for Basic Square (see color diagram for new CC).

Square 9

With new MC (see color diagram), pick up 12 sts along top of square just worked, pick up 1 st at corner of Square 1, and pick up 12 sts along right side of Square 2. Follow directions for Basic Square.

Squares 10-14

Follow directions for Square 9.
Following the color diagram, continue making remaining squares using appropriate cast-on and pick-up techniques.


With RS facing and B, pick up and K84 sts along one edge.
Row 1 (WS): Knit.
Row 2 (RS): Inc 1, k to last st, inc 1.
Row 3: Knit.
Rep Rows 2 and 3 three times more.
Change to D and rep Row 2.
Bind off.
Rep Border on 3 rem edges.


Sew border seams. Weave in ends.


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