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From toys for Fido to knitted accessories for Baby, you'll find just the right project to knit.

Knitted Stuffed Bunny

Knitting a cheerful floppy-eared bunny is a breeze in simple stockinette stitc...

Knitted Baby Rainbow Quilt

Pastel tones in silky homespun yarn give this easy baby afghan a quilted look.

Knit a Toy Fido Will Love

If your dog loves to play catch or tug-of-war, you don't have to settle for a...

Cute Knitted Collars

Give your pooch a cozy collar with these simple knits.

Pampered Pet Pillow

Furlike yarn gives the pillow its fluffy, downy-soft look and feel.

Crocheted Sports Bedspread and Pillow Set

Designer Michelle Maks Thompson strikes again, this time with fast-finish...

Easy Knitted Diaper Bag

Create this easy-to-make felted and fringed diaper bag.

Felted Bathmat and Felted Tissue Box Cover

From Better Homes and Gardens, ideas and improvement projects for your home an...

Sweet Baby Confection Hat

This adorable little hat makes the perfect baby gift.

Knitted Plaid Pet Blanket

Make this cozy and washable blanket just for Fido.

6 Knits for Your Pets

From a blanket to a toy or sweater, knit something extra special for your...

Knit an Argyle Dog Sweater

Keep your pet pooch warm and cozy in this adorable argyle knit sweater.

Felted Fish for Kitty

Keep Whiskers entertained for hours with this easy project.

Knitted Creature Pillows

Knit these adorable critters for that special little person in your life.


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