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Cotton Candy Knit Hooded Jacket and Booties

Worked in one piece, this hooded jacket is a joy to make. Sizes range from newborn to one year. The loopiness of the design eliminates the need for buttonholes and allows a button to easily push through the fabric. The booties are sized to fit newborns to 6-month-olds and have twisted-yarn lace accents.

Skill Level: Easy

Sizes: Newborn (SIX MONTHS, 12 months); Booties are for size Newborn and 6 months only.
Note: Sizes for most Better Homes and Gardens knitting projects are noted in the instructions. When one size is written out in capitalized letters, it is to note the size of the modeled garment. The instructions are written for the smallest size with changes for larger sizes in parentheses. When only one number is given, it applies to all sizes. For ease in working, before you begin, circle the numbers pertaining to the size you are knitting or crocheting.

Finished Measurements:
Jacket Chest: 20 (24, 27 1/2) inches Jacket Length: 9 (11, 13) inches Booties Length: 3 (3 3/4) inches

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What You Need

  • Lion Brand, Lion Boucle, 79% acrylic/20% mohair/1% nylon, bulky-weight yarn (57 yards per ball)
  • Baby Jacket: 3 (3, 5) balls Sprinkles (201); Booties: 1 ball Sprinkles (201)
  • Size 11 (8 mm) knitting needles or size needed to obtain gauge
  • 2 stitch markers
  • Yarn needle
  • 2 stitch holders
  • 1-inch-diameter button
  • Crochet hook (optional) for tassel on hood


In Garter St (knit every row), 7 sts and 6 ridges = 3 inches/7.5 cm. TAKE TIME TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE!

Note: The jacket and booties are each worked in one piece. There is no buttonhole on the jacket; the fabric is loose enough to push the button through.

Jacket Back

Beg at lower edge, cast on 24 (28, 32) sts. Work in Garter St to approx 5 (6, 7 1/2) inches from beg.


Cont in Garter St, cast on 9 (12, 14) sts at beg of next 2 rows -- 42 (52, 60) sts. Work even to approx 9 (11, 13) inches from beg.

Right Front

K15 (19, 22) sts; place center 12 (14, 16) sts onto a st holder for back neck; place rem 15 (19, 22) sts onto another st holder; turn.

At neck edge, cast on 6 (7, 9) sts and knit across all sts. Cont in Garter St on 21 (26, 31) sts until sleeve measures approx 8 (10, 11) inches from cast-on row, ending at sleeve edge. Next Row: Bind off 9 (12, 14) sts. Cont on 12 (14, 17) sts until front measures approx 5 (6, 7) inches from bound-off edge of sleeve. Bind off.

Left Front

Skip center 12 (14, 16) sts, cast on 6 (7, 9) sts, k across 15 (19, 22) sts from second st holder. Complete as for Right Front.


With RS facing, pick up and k6 (7, 9) sts evenly spaced along right front neck edge. K across 12 (14, 16) sts from back neck holder, pick up and k6 (7, 9) sts evenly spaced along left front neck edge -- 24 (28, 34) sts.

Hood Shaping
K 8 (10, 13), [(knit in front and back of next st-inc made), k3] twice, inc, k to end. Cont on 27 (31, 37) sts until hood measures approx 14 (17, 20) inches from pick-up row. Bind off.


Join underarms, sides, and hood seams. Sew center of button 3/4 inch from edge and 5 1/2 (7, 8 1/2) inches from base of jacket.

Optional Tassel
Cut 6 strands of yarn measuring 12 inches long. Tie knot 1 inch from each end to prevent fraying; pull knot tight. With crochet hook, pull 6 strands of yarn through outside top back corner of hood; wind 12 even lengths together tightly and make one knot as close to hood as possible, pull knot tight. Trim ends.

Booties (make two)

Beg at the heel, cast on 14 (18) sts. Work in Garter St to approx 1 1/2 (2) inches from beg.
Next Row: Bind off 3 (4) sts, at beg and end of row -- 8 (10) sts; turn. Join yarn, [k2 (3), inc] twice, k to end.
For Back: Cont on 10 (12) sts to approx 3 (4) inches from beg of work. Bind off.


Fold bootie in half at cast-on row for heel; sew from heel around to top of foot, leaving bind-off edge of Back free.

Laces (make two)
Cut 3 yards of yarn. Knot 2 ends together. Loop other end around small doorknob. Insert pencil between 2 strands at knotted end, pull tight, twist pencil to wind yarn. When yarn is tightly wound, remove pencil. Fold twisted yarn in half and remove from doorknob. Make another knot at knotted end; trim. Thread unknotted end of lace around ankle of bootie from front; knot end and trim.


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