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Pretty Patterned Crocheted Tote

Use our free crochet patterns and instructions to make this colorful, eye-catching tote.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Finished Measurements
18x18x10-1/2 inches


  • Classic Wool from Patons (Art. 244077) 100% wool; 3-1/2 oz. (100 g); 223 yds. (204 m); worsted weight
  • 2 balls #00240 Leaf Green (MC)
  • 1 ball #77732 That's Pink (A)
  • 1 ball #77730 That's Purple (B)
  • 1 ball #77707 That's Red (C)

Hook & Extras

  • Size G/7 (4.5 mm) crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge
  • Blunt-end yarn needle
  • 1/2 yard cotton canvas lining fabric
  • Sewing needle and thread


  • 16 sc and 16 rows = 4 inches (10 cm) in sc worked in continuous rnds. Take time to check your gauge.

Work in sc throughout. Work in continuous rounds. Do not join end of each round with a slip stitch; work first stitch of next round directly into first stitch of previous round. Mark end of round with a contrast color yarn and move it up as you work.

Change color by working last single crochet in old color to point where 2 loops remain on hook, yarn over with new color and complete the stitch; carry the unused yarn loosely along the back of the work. See pages 3-6 for step-by-step instructions for changing colors.

Note: To complete the designs on the tote, download the tote charts below. They will be referenced in the following instructions.

With MC, ch 2. Rnd 1: Work 7 sc in 2nd ch from hook.Rnd 2: Sc in first sc, work 2 sc in each rem sc -- 6 inc made -- 13 sts.Rnd 3: Inc 13 sts evenly spaced around -- 26 sts. Rnd 4: Work even.Rnds 5-22: Rep last 2 rnds 9 times -- 143 sts. Make a pattern of the base, adding a 1/2-inch seam allowance; set pattern aside.

Rnd 23: Work 2 sc in back lp of next sc, work sc in each rem sc around -- 144 sts. Note: Work even on 144 sts for remainder of tote. Rnds 25-26: Cont with MC. Rnds 26-27: Work 2 rnds A.Rnds 28-33: Work Chart 1 (download below). Rnds 34-38: Work 2 rnds MC, 3 rnds A. Rnds 48-53: Work Chart 3 (download below). Rnds 54-58: Work 2 rnds C, 3 rnds MC. Rnds 59-62: Work Chart 4 (download below). Rnds 63-66: Work 2 rnds C, 2 rnds A. Rnds 67-73: Work Chart 5 (download below). Rnds 74-81: Work 2 rnds MC, 3 rnds C, 2 rnds A, 1 rnd MC.

Rnd 82: Cont with MC and sc in each of next 22 sc, ch 72, sk 28 sc, sc in each of next 44 sc, ch 72, sk 28 sc, sc in each of next 22 sc. Rnd 83: Sc in each sc and ch around.Rnds 84-89: Sc in each sc around. Rnds 90-91: Sl st in each st. Fasten off.

Join MC and work 2 rnds of sl st around opening on top of tote. Make a paper pattern for the tote sides and for the strap, adding 1/2-inch for seam allowances. Cut base, tote sides, and strap patterns from lining fabric. Machine-sew lining pieces together. Insert lining inside tote; turn under raw edges and hand-sew lining in place along strap and around top of tote.

Download the free tote pattern charts.

Step 1

Work the last green single crochet stitch before the color change to the point where 2 loops remain on the hook; then yarn over with the new color -- purple. You'll be holding the old color loosely at the back of the work as shown.

Step 2

Pull the loop of the new color (purple) through the 2 loops remaining on the hook. Now you've neatly finished off the green stitch and are ready to work the next stitch in purple.

Step 3

Since there is only one stitch to be worked in purple, you work it just to the point where 2 loops remain on the hook; then yarn over with green.

Step 4

Continue the pattern as established, pulling the green loop through the 2 purple loops on the hook; work 4 complete single crochet stitches in green; work the fifth stitch in green just to the point where 2 loops remain on the hook, and follow Steps 1-4 as before.


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