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10 Eco-Friendly Yarns You'll Love

Go green when you knit! Check out these cozy and environmentally friendly yarns for your next project.


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    • Organic Marino Yarn

      What It Is: Beautiful yarn is spun from cozy 100% Certified Organic wool and processed in accordance with the Organic Trade Association's Fiber Processing standards.

      Why We Love It: Without the harsh chemicals in processing, this yarn is durable and gets softer after every washing.

      Near Sea Naturals; nearseanaturals.com

    • Soysilk Yarn

      What It Is: A renewable fiber spun from soy proteins.

      Why We Love It: Even with its eco-friendly perks, this yarn has a soft silk-like texture and is as warm as cashmere. With a beautiful soft drape, it also wicks away moisture.

      South West Trading Company; soysilk.com

    • 100% Hemp

      What It Is: Hemp is one of the world's premier renewable resources, producing more protein, oil, and fiber than any other plant on the earth.

      Why We Love It: Hemp is a strong fiber which equals longer garment life for your knitted pieces. This yarn is perfect for all seasons, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

      Lanaknits Designs; lanaknits.com

    • Corn Yarn

      What It Is: A flat-strand yarn created from the eco-friendly fibers of corn.

      Why We Love It: Unlike most yarns this unique fiber is washable and dryable. It also wears light which is perfect for summer knits.

      Paradise Fibers; Kollage Cornucopia Yarn; paradisefibers.net

    • Nepalese Recycled Silk Sari Yarn

      What It Is: One-of-a-kind yarn hand-spun in Nepal using silk fabric scraps from the creation of saris.

      Why We Love It: Purchasing this unique yarn will help the disadvantaged women creating this beautiful yarn have a steady income. Using a recycled product like this yarn helps clean up discarded fabric scraps that would otherwise be thrown away.

      Near Sea Naturals; nearseanaturals.com

    • 100% Organic Cotton

      What It Is: A beautiful cotton yarn spun from organic cotton grown and harvested without the use of agri-chemicals.

      Why We Love It: This naturally dyed yarn sports a beautiful twist that's perfect for cable knits.

      Purl Soho; purlsoho.com

    • SeaSilk Yarn

      What It Is: An unique yarn is made partially from seaweed. It's a blend of 70% silk and 30% Seacell, a fiber derived from seaweed.

      Why We Love It: With a silk-like look, this yarn is hand-dyed in rich colors perfect for bold knits.

      Earth Friendly Yarns; earthfriendlyyarns.com

    • Bamboo Yarn

      What It Is: Bamboo is being used for everything eco-friendly, including yarn. This unique fiber is made from 100% bamboo and is available in 16 different colors.

      Why We Love It: It's cool and silky soft to the touch. It drapes beautifully which makes it perfect for sweaters, tops, dresses, and skirts.

      South West Trading Company; soysilk.com

    • Alpaca/Llama EcoSoft Yarn

      What It Is: If your looking for a splurge, try this soft yarn. It's made from a super-fine blend of 80% llama/20% alpaca fleece.

      Why We Love It: This blend is machine washable (on cold, gentle cycle), non-shedding, and not pilly, and it's naturally hypoallergenic.

      Near Sea Naturals; nearseanaturals.com

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      Recycled Sarongs Yarn

      What It Is: One-of-a-kind yarn hand-spun from recycled Balinese sarongs.

      Why We Love It: While reducing waste, the proceeds from this yarn go to providing safe shelter, healthcare, and education to families in Nepal and Indonesia.

      Earth Friendly Yarns; earthfriendlyyarns.com

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