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Try This! 6 Easy Back-to-School Crafts

We've got 6 easy craft projects to get your kids ready for the school year in style.


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    • Dress Up a Binder

      Take an ordinary binder from drab to fab with the help of a book wrap, scrapbooking stickers, and a little yarn.

      How to Make It

      -- Wrap a stretchy book cover around a plain binder.

      -- Choose stickers to match the theme of your binder.

      -- To withstand the wear and tear of lockers and backpacks, hot glue the stickers to the colorful binder.

      -- Wrap yarn around the binder, creating the perfect place to tuck in notes or photos of friends.

    • One-of-a-Kind Lunch Box

      Whether they love flowers or sports, let your little ones personalize their lunch boxes with their favorite themes.

      How to Make It

      -- Choose stickers, funky foam, or premade embellishments to spice up a plain lunch box.

      -- Arrange stickers on the lunch box.

      -- Use hot glue to attach (if desired).

    • Make Custom Magnets

      Dress up your fridge with your kids' artwork. Use small glass stones to 'frame' the art. Then back it with a magnet.

      How to Make It

      -- Buy a bag of 1-inch glass stones.

      -- Trace stones around clip art, drawings, or photos.

      -- Cut around the edges.

      -- Cover the back of the stone in white glue.

      -- Place the stone over the photo.

      -- Let dry, then attach a small magnet to the back.

    • Cute Locker Accessories

      Attach magnets to a mirror, bottle caps, and CDs to give your teen a personalized look for her locker.

      How to Make It

      Beaded Mirror

      -- Place double-stick tape around the border.

      -- Pour beads over the tape and tap into place.

      Bottle-Cap Messages

      -- Print messages from computer.

      -- Glue messages into the bottle cap.

      CD Photo Frame

      -- Cut pattern paper into a circle.

      -- Attach to a CD.

      -- Hot-glue the CD to the ribbon.

    • Perfect Pocket Purses

      Transform an old pair of jeans into a cute purse that's perfect for a cell phone or an iPod.

      How to Make It

      -- Cut the pockets out of a pair of jeans.

      -- Embellish with ribbon, buttons, and premade accessories.

      -- Hot-glue around the edges, leaving about 1/2-inch of space at the top for the handle.

      -- Attach ribbon or braided denim as the handle; hot-glue into place.

    • Crafty Clay Jewelry

      Little girls love jewelry -- why not let them make their own? Use bakeable clay to create beautiful beads for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

      How to Make It

      -- Create the swirls by rolling the clay flat.

      -- Layer the flat clay, then roll into a tight log.

      -- Cut off the ends to see the pretty swirl.

      -- Insert a toothpick into the non-swirl side of the bead, creating a hole.

      -- Bake the beads following the manufacturer's instructions.

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