Easy Indoor Crafts for Kids

Whether there's snow or sand outside the door, your family can celebrate the spirit of the season with these indoor projects.

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Clay beads jewelry
Color Swirl Beaded Jewelry

    With favorite colors as inspiration, kids can easily make one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to wear or give.

Decorated Lunch Boxes

    Lunch boxes will be boring no more! With permanent marker, construction paper, pom-poms, and glue, decorate as desired. Make animal faces, clown faces, or just a pretty design.

Braided Bracelets

    Let kids practice their braiding skills by making friendship bracelets. Teamwork is required: Tie one end of three plastic craft cords together. Have one child hold the tied end while another child braids. Knot the opposite ends at the desired length.

Cutout Letters Card

    Give special greetings with a cutout letters card. Let children page through old magazines to find the letters needed for their message. Glue their efforts to folded cardstock.

Heart Wreath

    Decorate a paper wreath with pretty hearts. Kids can use paper punches to cut hearts from colored vellum and lightweight decorative papers. Use other shapes of paper punches--stars, circles, triangles, etc.--for another effect. Curl the cutouts by sliding them between your thumb and a butter knife just as you would curling ribbon. Then layer them on a round card stock base and attach with a dab of clear-drying glue. Hang it with ribbon.

Tubular Bracelet

    Cut vinyl tubing into a 10-inch-long piece. For a connector, cut a 1-inch-long piece from smaller tubing that fits snugly into the longer piece. Slide the small piece 1/2 inch into one end of the longer piece. Use a funnel to fill the long piece with candy, beads, or glitter. Bend the long piece into a circle. Slide the open end over the exposed end of the connector to complete the bracelet.

Decoupage Vases

    Head to a thrift store to pick up inexpensive glass vases. Tear pieces of patterned tissue paper into 2-inch squares. Brush decoupage medium onto the vases, then cover them with paper squares. Brush decoupage medium over the paper-covered vases; let dry.

Hanging Stars

    Download our star template below. Cut out two star shapes from card stock. Slit one star from the top point to the middle and the second from the bottom to the center point. Adorn each star with leftover buttons, gems, and stickers. Slide the two stars together, punch a hole at the top, and thread ribbon through the hole for hanging.

Stamped Hanging Star

    Fun insect stamps were used to create this shimmering star. Another alternative is to have a child draw directly on the star cutout.

Fun Sneakers

    Lace plain white sneakers with colorful yarn. Help young children glue on sparkly jewels. For last-day-of-school fun or a slumber party, have friends sign the shoes with fabric markers.

Decorated Shoelaces

    Jazz up plain shoelaces with colorful designs. Cover the work space with waxed paper or a grocery bag. Tape the lace ends to the work surface. Using fabric markers, decorate one side of each shoelace with a bright pattern or stripes. Let the ink dry. Repeat the design on the other side of each lace.

Tic-Tac-Toe Board

    Nature lovers will enjoy this tic-tac-toe set. Gather a wood slice, twigs, four small pebbles, and eight rocks in two different colors. Continued on next slide.

Tic-Tac-Toe Board Assembly

    Clean the wood slice with a damp rag. Use a pencil or piece of chalk to draw the tic-tac-toe grid onto the wood. Break twigs to fit the grid. Glue the twigs and small pebbles to the grid on the wood slice. Let the glue dry. If you wish, spray the surface with gloss spray.

Heart Garland

    Share love around the home all year round with a pretty heart garland. Draw several hearts on card stock and cut out. For each heart, punch out two holes, one on each side. Sponge-paint, color, or stamp hearts, then glue on embellishments. Once hearts are dry, string them onto yarn. Use 1-inch pieces of straws as spacers. Hang horizontally across a mantel or window or vertically in a doorway.

Felt-Decorated Journal

    Cover a journal in felt to make it extra cute. Place a journal on top of felt to determine the pattern. Cut felt about 1/2 inch larger on all sides than the journal, wrap the felt around the journal, and secure in place with fabric glue. Cut various decorations from other colors of felt. Adhere to the journal front.

Photo Bookmark

    Cut bookmark from card stock. Cut a slightly smaller piece in a coordinating color. Adhere the smaller piece to the larger piece. Choose a picture of a best friend or family member and place on the front. Add other embellishments as desired. Punch a hole at the bottom, and add a grommet so the paper hole does not tear with use. Cut a 6-inch length of vinyl cording, fold it in half, and loop it through the grommet. Add beads to both ends and knot.

Spool Necklace

    Cover the work surface with newspapers. Paint wood spools and other wood blocks and spheres in colors of your choice. Let dry. Using paint markers, draw dots or other designs on the painted shapes. Let dry. Cut a piece of string long enough for a necklace, plus about 4 inches for tying. Thread the string with painted beads, plastic beads, and painted spools.

Funky Moon Rocks

    Collect rocks. Clean the rocks, then paint them with several coats of acrylic paint. Let dry and decorate with letters, dots, symbols, or other imaginative motifs. Protect the paint with several coats of spray varnish.

Silly Snowman

    This snazzy snowman is nice to keep for your table or great to give to someone special.

Licorice Pots

    Any one with a sweet tooth will be happy with these peppy pots filled with colorful licorice.

Feast for the Birds

    Get wings a-fluttering with these healthy bird treats.

Tumbled Candles

    When the holder is crafted with love, candlelight glows even brighter.

Bead Buddies

    These charming characters make great best-pal gifts for boys and girls.

Dancing Snowmen Jars

    There's no man like a snowman, especially when he playfully watches over sweet treats.

Chirping Cricket

    Kids will have a leapin' good time making their crickets chirp.

Autographed Baseball

    Remind Dad how much he means to you with this personalized baseball that sends dear sentiments.

Sturdy-as-a-Rock Paperweight

    Tell Mom you love her by crafting her favorite animal to watch over her important papers.

Canning Jar Luminarias

    Even when guests are about to arrive, there's time to make a small collection of these pretty candles.

Big Hug Greeting Card

    When two arms just aren't enough for hugging, add two more with this hug-in-a-card for Dad or Mom.

Stick People Glassware

    Create unique glassware using your own playful artwork designs.

Playful Garden Plaques

    Personalize a garden stone for Dad or Mom that will last through all the seasons.

Rubber Band Band

    Whether used for decoration or for a stringed instrument, rubber bands are a hit in this musical duo.

Bead Drum

    Get your family band jamming with bead drums made from household items.

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