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Personalize a Pillow

Put your personalized stamp on a plain pillow with this easy monogramming technique starring paint.

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Weekend Projects

Give your home unbeatable character in just one weekend. These home projects offer quick, impactful solutions to fill your indoor and outdoor spaces with style and function. Whether you seek easy landscaping plans, curb appeal projects, or budget decorating ideas, these hand-picked updates are designed to bring out your inner weekend warrior.

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Top Flea Markets

Put on your walking shoes and stop in at America's premier marketplaces -- you'll find country primitives, midcentury modern furniture, vintage fashions, upcycled treasures, and more. Here are a few insider tips for wending your way through each market.

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Deck Decorating & Styling Tricks

Make your deck as comfortable and stylish as an indoor living room. These tricks show you how.

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Teachers' Appreciation Crafts

A personalized, handmade gift will show your teachers how much they mean to you.


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    • Teacher Survival Kit

      Transform a box or basket into a school-year survival kit by decorating it with scrapbooking supplies. Self-adhesive cork paper, patterned paper, and embellishments emphasize the school theme. Fill the kit with essentials for a teacher.

    • Chalkboard Food Container

      Remove the lid from an empty ice cream container and paint the outside of the container with chalkboard paint. Trace the shape of the lid top onto a piece of scrapbooking paper and cut it out. Adhere the paper cutout to the top of the lid. Once the paint has dried, write a greeting with chalk and fill the container with yummy treats.

    • Apple Card and Cup

      Craft a card to match a coffee cup. Trace a design from a coffee cup, such as the apple shape here, and enlarge it with a photocopier. Use the pattern to trace the same shape onto paper for the card. Add ribbon for a special accent.

    • Teacher Notes Lunch Box

      Dress up an old-school lunch box with chipboard letters and patterned paper. Fill the lunch box with notepads, cards, or decorative note cards so the teacher will never have to shuffle through his or her desk for writing supplies.

    • Classroom Frame

      Make an easy welcome frame for your child's teacher to display. Dress up a chipboard frame with patterned paper. Then stamp white cardstock with fun notebook and letter designs. Punch the cardstock into circles. To add a burst of color, apply a sticker center to each circle before adhering them to the frame with adhesive foam. Doodle in some stems to finish the flowers. Print a greeting to insert in the frame opening to complete a gift that makes the grade.

    • Apple Jelly Jars

      Play up the apple theme and give a gift of homemade or purchased apple jelly or apple butter. Decorate the top of the jar with fabric and hold in place with twine. Attach a label made from cardstock for a cute accent.

    • Mouse Pad

      Reinvent a plain-Jane cork tile as a one-of-a-kind mouse pad. Use a fun stencil pattern to make the design. The stencil acts as a mask to the cork as you apply acrylic paint with a foam brush. Carefully lift the stencil before the paint dries. After it is dry, spray the entire surface with a protective sealant.

    • School Memories Album

      Create a fun school days album for your teacher. Layer paper over chipboard shapes and loop together with a small ball chain. Add wallet-size pictures taken of the class throughout the year. Include journaling of special memories and activities. Have your child (or each child in the class) write what they love about the teacher on paper and paste it into the album.

    • Cozy Apple Spice Container

      Fill a small glass teapot with an apple spice mix and tie a knit scarf, ribbon, or piece of fabric around the top of the lid to resemble a scarf. Using twine, tie tea bags together, add a gift tag, and tie onto the handle of the teapot.

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      Have your child cut out letters from magazines to spell a word (here they spelled "paper weight"). Cut out a fun school-related picture, too. Use decoupage to attach the letters and picture to a rock for a creative paperweight.

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      Drawer Organizer

      Create an organized space for pens and other goodies.

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      Teacher's Mug

      Personalize a coffee mug for a favorite teacher.

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