Easy Father's Day Crafts for Kids to Make

Give Dad a keepsake Father's Day gift handcrafted by his favorite kids. From works of art to more practical items, such as tool storage and aprons, Dad will love the thought that goes into each one of these crafty gifts.

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Personalized dish for dad
Personalized Dish for Dad

    Dad will want to display this small dish, that has his name and a heart stamped in the center, on his desk at work. To make, press small rubber stamps or chipboard letters into air-dry clay (available at crafts stores). Paint the resulting impressions. If you don't want to shape the clay into a dish, roll it into a ball or oval shape so he can use it as a paperweight.

Embellished Family Portrait

    Dad will love this work of art for Father's Day. Have the kids draw self-portraits on white cardstock, using inked thumbprints as their bodies. Create a pretty mat by using spray ink on a plain sheet of white cardstock; let dry. Attach the artwork to the mat and let the kids add chipboard letters and other accents to dress up their creation. To make the rainbow shown in the picture, have your kids stamp their thumbprints 10-15 times for each row of the rainbow. Older kids can cut out their thumbprints with kid-safe scissors and attach the prints to the page with adhesive foam. Put the masterpiece in a white frame to finish.

Homemade Treasure Box

    Turn an ordinary box into a favorite place for Dad to store tiny treasures with this fun Father's Day project. Kids can paint a wooden hinged box with a latch any color they like; once they're done, secure a photo of them on the inside of the lid so every time Dad opens the box, he'll think of who he treasures the most.

Monogram Photo Album

    Add a monogram to a photo album just for Dad, and fill it with his favorite memories. Open a photo album and measure across the front and back covers, adding 6 inches (for the cover flaps). Measure the height of the album and add an inch to the measurement (for seam allowances). Cut a piece of felt based on these measurements. Sew around the edges, folding over 3 inches on the short sides for front and back flaps. Trim the edges all around with pinking shears.

    Use a stencil to cut a monogram from felt, and stitch it to the front cover. Slip the felt cover over the album and fill the pages with Dad's favorite pictures.

Food Gift: Roasted Spiced Almonds

    Dad will love these spiced nuts, perfect for a game-watching snack. Put them in a simple metal tin and have kids decorate the tin with ribbon and pieces of paper.

Flower Vases for Dad

    Use old, clear bottles to house pretty flowers for Dad. Adhere letter stickers that spell "Dad" and serve with a delicious Father's Day breakfast.

Scrappy Self-Portrait

    Give Dad an artistic picture this year instead of the expected photo in a frame. This self-portrait is easy for a child to create. Cut leftover scrapbooking paper into small pieces in colors that match skin tone, hair, and eyes. Have your child sketch an outline of himself or herself on heavy paper, then simply fill in the outline with the paper scraps for a colorful self-portrait mosaic.

Dad's Own Toolbox

    Give Dad's tools a special place with a new toolbox made by the kiddos. Start with an unfinished toolbox or wooden bin found at crafts stores. Let your little ones paint the toolbox Dad's favorite colors. Add an extra-special touch with wooden tools and letters they can glue on all by themselves.

Craft an Apron for Dad

    If Dad likes to BBQ, make him a special apron. Trace shapes of hamburgers, ketchup and mustard bottles, and other grilling accessories onto felt squares. Cut out the shapes and adhere them to the apron using crafts glue.

Personalized Coasters

    Make coasters Dad will treasure forever. Stamp a decorative pattern on tumbled marble tiles (available at most home centers). Then place your little one's handprint on the tile. Coat the tile with a waterproof sealer to prevent the paint from fading or washing away.

Candy Jar for Dad

    Satisfy Dad's sweet tooth with this yummy and simple gift. Fill a clear jar with Dad's favorite candy, wrap a simple ribbon or band of paper around the center, and add a #1 Dad label made from paper scraps.

Finger-Paint Masterpiece

    Let your tiny tots create a beautiful piece of artwork just for Dad. Buy a small canvas and finger paint. Then, let the little ones paint away. Get a small stand to display the beautiful artwork, or hang it on the wall.

Craft a Fishy Card

    To create this card, start by letting your little ones splatter finger paint on white paper. Fold the sheet in half, smearing the paint to create the beautiful colors of the fish. Unfold the paper and allow the paint to dry overnight. Use a stamp or draw the fish onto the smeared paper and let your kids cut them out. Tear blue paper to create the waves and yellow paper to make the sun. For extra sparkle, accent the waves with glitter glue.

Simple Canister

    Buy a large glass jar, then use scrapbook paper to add a touch of color and pattern. Let your little ones measure and cut the paper to fit the jar. Fill the jar with Dad's favorites, such as golf balls or candy.

Dressed-Up Gift Wrap

    Make Dad's gift extra special with custom-made wrapping paper. Let kids decorate plain white gift wrap with watercolor paints, crayons, and markers. Let paint and markers dry before wrapping. Tie gifts with ribbon and a handmade Father's Day tag.

Hand It to Dad

    This Father's Day, give Dad a memento to hang in his garden. This handprint plaque can withstand outdoor weather and will be a sweet keepsake for years to come.

Father's Day Baseball Card

    Give baseball-loving Dad a handmade card he'll appreciate. Fold a piece of white cardstock in half. Set a few white eyelets (the kids can help!) and either stitch or hand-draw red stitching lines to get the effect. Write a message to Dad on a rectangular piece of white cardstock and adhere to a slightly larger piece of red cardstock. Attach to the card using white crafts foam.

    Editor's Tip: Include tickets to Dad's favorite team inside the card.

Embellished Brag Book

    Embellish an ordinary photo album with graphic ribbon. Have the kids determine ribbon placement. Use glue or tape to adhere the ends to the inner covers of the album.

No. 1 Fan

    This photo frame is a winner for any dad who is a sports fan. Arrange four painted crafts sticks in a square. Glue the sticks together, decorate with sports stickers, and write a message. To make the hanger, cut a 26-inch length of wire and coil each end. Bend the wire to form an upside-down U. Bend the coiled wire ends around each corner of the frame. Secure a photo in the frame using crafts glue.

Gone Fishing

    Reel in a Father's Day catch with a fishing-theme picture frame. Sand a 5x7-inch wooden frame. Paint it with blue acrylic paint; let dry. Use a sponge and white acrylic paint to stamp the frame with waves. Download the free fish patterns and cut out. Trace onto thin mat board; cut out. Paint the fish in assorted colors; let dry. Glue sequins to the fish to resemble scales (as shown). Cut four 3/16-inch dowels into short pieces for the fishing poles; tie a length of metallic cording to the end of each pole for fishing line. Layer two adhesive dots on the back of each fish and press onto the frame. Glue the poles to the frame and the cording ends to the fish.

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