Kids' Crafts

Entertain kids with these fun crafts projects.

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Playful Sock Puppet Patterns

Sock puppet animals inspire hours of imaginative play.

Recycle Scraps Into Crafts

A little creativity turns everyday household items into fun for the kids.

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make cool locker accessories
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  • 3 Tie-Dyed Peace T-Shirts

    Peace out with the totally rad T-shirts made with Plaid's Simply Screen screen-printing supplies.

  • A Girl's Secret Journal

    Made with felt and a store-bought notebook, this flowery gem looks like a journal -- until you open the cover! Hid...

  • Artsy Bulletin Boards

    Use photos and a snippet from a letter written home to create artsy bulletin boards made from cork trivets.

  • Bendable Bead Worms

    Take-along pals fit easily into your pocket or purse and are ready to play at a moment's notice.

  • Birthday Girl Place Mat and Napkin

    Make the birthday girl feel special with her very own table accessories for her big day. This place mat and napkin...

  • Blooming Place Mat

    Whether you make one for a dresser or a set for the kitchen, this colorful mat delivers a rainbow of joy-filled wis...

  • Bright Painted Flowers

    Welcome spring with pretty flowers made from toilet-paper tubes.

  • Butterfly Box

    Trimmed with scrapbook papers, decorative eyelets, and a clay butterfly, this charming box will never get lost amon...

  • Child's Canvas Shoe Holder

    A child's canvas shoe holder cleverly organizes souvenirs by destination -- from a class trip to the zoo to a visit...

  • 6 Clever Recycled Crafts for Kids

    Recycled goods never looked this good. Get creative with objects from the recycling bin perfect for the kids to mak...

  • Crafty Projects for the Coolest School Locker

    Help your kids spruce up their lockers with these simple projects.

  • Creepy Crawlers

    These finger puppets are a cinch to make! All you need are some pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, and your very own finge...

  • Blooming Basket

    Rim a handy basket with foam flower stickers and ribbon.

  • Fancy Flowerpot

    Make a cheery decoration that is as colorful as a flower from the garden.

  • Decorated Desk Accessories

    Is your study desk a mess? Sort it with this handy accessory set.

  • Good Dog

    For friends who are wild about their pooch, create a dog-gone fun treat.

  • Easy Magnets Made by Kids

    Give kids' artwork real staying power with these crafty magnets.

  • Easy-to-Make Lollipops

    Your kids can create their own artful masterpiece in minutes with these easy ideas for homemade lollipops.

  • Easy Wrapped Vase

    Customize an ordinary vase with the help of embroidery floss.

  • Everyday Embellishments for Girls' Clothes

    Transform an ordinary wardrobe into floral standouts using buttons and trims.

  • Flower Power Candy Cups

    Use brightly colored store-bought cups and scrapbook papers to create these cheerful candy cups.

  • Fun Crafts to Make with Your Kids

    Most of these crafts are for adults to make for their kids, but with a little help, kids can get in on the fun, too...

  • "Get to Know Us" Book

    Give the neighbors a "get to know us" book, and have fun creating it right at the party.

  • Glow-In-The-Dark Journals

    These glow-in-the-dark journals are a fun way to light up the night as you write about all of your plans and advent...

  • Good Manners Napkins

    These sweet napkins remind us to use good manners at the table.

  • Green Slime

    There's nothing more fun than playing with goo; here, you can make your own slimy green gunge.

  • "Hop To It!" Rug

    Forget the chalk and sidewalk. Paint this outdoor game on a floor rug so you can play any rain-or-sunshine day.

  • In-Jean-ious 3-Ring Binder

    Cut the best parts from an old pair of blue jeans and put them to new use on this hard-working 3-ring binder.

  • Fun Felt Crafts for Kids

    Let your little one practice their sewing skills with these easy felt projects they are sure to love!

  • Magnetic Messages

    These far-out magnets can spell out any message you like.

  • Map Case

    Old road maps can be used in surprising ways. Here we show you how to make a storage case for your trip.

  • Message Center Bulletin Board

    Build a bulletin board from cork circles attached to the wall with removable mounting stickers.

  • Neighbor Party Invitations

    Who needs the mail when you can deliver party invitations right to your neighbors' doors?

  • Page Critters

    You'll never lose your place with these colorful pets marking your page.

  • Fingerprint Frame

    Give your personal touch to picture mats by makng itty-bitty fingerprint bugs with paint.

  • Fun and Games

    Turn a box into a puzzle-themed pencil holder.

  • Lamp Shade

    Give a plain lamp shade an easy makeover with a decorative pinwheel.

  • The Can Can

    Recycle cans to make charming little candy containers.

  • See-Through Starts

    Make indoor seed starters from plastic food containers decorated with handmade bugs.

  • Souvenir Storage Case

    Make a strong case for the memorabilia gathered on a trip by using them to decorate a suitcase, which becomes a sto...

  • Travel Activity Book

    Some books are meant for reading. This one's for play!

  • Trinket Tins

    Adorned with cheerful clay flowers, polka dots, and decorative banding, these little tins are just the right size f...

  • Treasure Box

    Customize a plain wooden box to hold your favorite keepsakes.

  • Easy Button Crafts for Kids

    Use extra buttons to entertain kids with fun and easy projects.

  • Kids' Crafts: Start a Book Club

    Encourage your kids to start a fun and crafty book club. Check out these easy ideas and projects that will have the...

  • Personalized T-Shirts for Kids

    Whether your kids want to throw a football or a tea party, one of these t-shirt designs will suit their style.

  • T-Shirt Project

    Have fun crafting with kids this summer with the easy t-shirt embellishment project.

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