Ivy-Twined Flowerpot

Copper-embossed ivy leaves, complete with tendrils, encircle the rim of a terra-cotta pot.

What You Need:

  • White, turquoise, and light gray acrylic paint
  • Small sponge brush
  • 6-1/2"-diameter terra-cotta flowerpot
  • Newspapers
  • Cosmetic sponge
  • Ivy-leaf foam stamp
  • 9 x 12" piece of thin copper or other metal
  • Stylus or a dowel with one sharpened end
  • Verdigris kit or aqua acrylic paint
  • 1/8- to 1/4"-diameter dowel
  • Glue for metal and clothespins


1. Mix white and turquoise paint about 2:1. Add a small amount of water to ink consistency. Using a sponge brush, apply the "wash" mixture on the sides of the terra-cotta flowerpot; let the paint dry.

2. Sponge light-gray paint onto the ivy-leaf foam stamp and stamp the leaf motifs on a thin sheet of copper. Continue stamping 20 to 25 leaves.

3. Use a stylus or the sharpened end of a dowel to draw over the lines of the design. Press down firmly on the copper as you work, creating indents in the copper. After outlining shapes, turn the copper over and create raised areas.

4. Cut out the leaves and brush verdigris or aqua paint on the stamped sides of the leaves; let the paint dry.

5. Cut several 1/16"- to 1/8"-wide strips of copper from the remaining copper, and curl them around a thin dowel for tendrils. Glue the leaves and tendrils to the rim of the pot. Hold in place with clothespins until dry.