Girl Power

Pay tribute to your best friends with paper dolls tucked in a clever pocket page. Use your imagination to portray friends' character traits on the dolls.
What You Need:
Girl Power
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Insert mementos in the pockets
along with the dolls.

  • Accu-Cut items as follows: Jill's Chunky Alphabet die-cuts, Jill's Paper Doll World doll and clothes templates
  • Paper Adventures Jill's Paper Doll World papers
  • Wave template
  • Acid-free black fine-tip pen
  • Acid-free glue


1. Select dolls and accessories to represent your friends; assemble dolls accordingly.

2. Create paper pockets on top of base paper to hold each doll. Glue journaled entry describing each friend to the front of each pocket.

3. Decorate the rest of page with quotes about friendship written in felt-tip pen. Try writing them in a wave template for a curvy effect.

Buying Guide:

Accu-Cut Systems 1035 East Dodge Street Fremont, Nebraska 68025 800/288-1670 Paper Adventures P.O. Box 04393 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204 414/383-0414


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