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Let the work of your hands show your family and friends how special they are to you.
Greeting Cards
Create a colorful and unique
birthday card.

Be ready to make a quilted greeting card at a moment's notice by backing several fabric pieces with fusing-adhesive material whenever you have some leftovers. Then you'll be able to cut out shapes and designs in no time.

What You Need:

  • Assorted fabrics
  • Assorted threads
  • Rotary cutter with specialty blades, such as wavy and pinking
  • Acrylic frame
  • Batting scraps
  • Rubber-stamp letters and fabric-ink pad or fabric marking pen
  • Fusing-adhesive material


1. Download the free patterns for this project. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.)


1. Measure your acrylic frame.

2. Cut two fabric pieces 1-inch larger on all sides than the frame for the applique foundation and the backing. Cut another fabric piece that is half of the height and the same width as the backing piece to serve as the sleeve on the back. Cut enough 1/2-inch wide strips for binding.

3. Arrange your applique shapes on the applique foundation. When pleased with the arrangement, fuse the pieces in place according to the manufacturer's instructions to make the card top.

4. Thread your machine, both top and bobbin, with thread that either contrasts or coordinates with your fabrics. Attach a free-motion quilting or darning foot to your machine and drop the feed dogs. (Note: If your machine cannot drop its feed dogs, tape a business card or other stiff paper over them to prevent them from "grabbing" the fabric.)

5. Layer the appliqued card top, batting, and backing; baste.

6. Using threads in a variety of colors, free-motion machine-quilt over the appliques to anchor them in place. Embellish the background as desired.

7. Trim the quilted card to straighten the edges, leaving a margin of at least 1/4 inch along all sides. This will make the quilted card 1/2-inch longer and wider than the height and width of the chosen frame. For example, a quilted card for an 8 x 10-inch frame should measure 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches at this point.

8. Press under 1/4-inch along the edge of the sleeve that won't be covered by the binding; stitch in place. Place the sleeve, right side up, on the backing; pin, making sure the outer edges are aligned with the card edges so they will be caught in the binding.

9. Use the 1/2-inch-wide strips to bind the card according to the instructions in Quilter's Schoolhouse.


10. Slide the quilted card over the acrylic frame.

Optional Design Ideas:

Create a congratulatory card like
this using our free patterns.

  • For a birthday party remembrance, have all the guests sign a quilted card.
  • Choose fabrics with a theme that will reinforce your message.
  • Need to make place cards for a special dinner party? Make each one a unique quilted card that your guest can take home at the end of the evening.

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