Friends in Any Season

Photos of your and your buds at play make great scrapbook material.

What You Need:

Relive fond memories of a snowy
vacation with friends in this
nostalgic scrapbook page.

  • Winter photos
  • Hot Off the Press items as follows: 2 sheets of Snowflakes paper from the Holiday & Seasons booklet (also available by the sheet); plain vellum from the Vellum Papers booklet; white paper from the Plain Pastels booklet
  • Fiskars Ripple Paper Edgers
  • Scotch Clear Acid-Free Double-Stick Tape
  • ZIG Black Writer marking pen
  • 3-1/2-inch circle template


Capture dashing through the
snow with friends in this
winter scrapbook page.

1. To make the tea-bag folded snowflake, cut eight 2 inch squares of Snowflake paper and eight 1 inch squares of white paper. Turn the white squares on point to form a diamond. Fold each diamond in half; unfold. Place it right side down and fold each side in to lie against the center fold line and to make a kite shape. Turn the kite shape right side up.

2. Turn the Snowflake squares into a kite shape in the same manner as the white squares. Fold the bottom tip of the kite shape to the top tip and glue it in place to make a half kite shape; turn the shape right side up.

3. Crop your photo to a 3-1/2 inch circle and glue it to the page. Glue the half-kite shapes around the edge of the photo and add the white kit shapes in between each half kite as shown in the photo at opposite.

Buying Guide:

Fiskars 7811 West Stewart Avenue Wausau, Wisconsin 54401 715/842-2091 Hot Off the Press Paper Pizazz 1250 NW Third Canby, Oregon 97013 503/266-9102 3M Company/Scotch Brand Tape Building 223-3NE-07 St. Paul, Minnesota 44144-1000 ZIG EK Success Ltd. 125 Entin Road P.O. Box 1141 Clifton, New Jersey 07014-1141 800/524-1349