Fresh Pepper Votives

How to make interesting vases and votives out of fresh peppers.
Pepper Votives

What You Need:

Votive Instructions:

Choose peppers
with flat tops.

  1. Select peppers that are large enough to hold a glass candleholder. If the pepper is too small, it will split. Also, choose peppers with regular, squared shapes, especially on top, so the pepper won't be unsteady as a candleholder.
  2. The stem end of the pepper will be the base. Cut the stem so it's even with the top of the pepper, then turn the pepper over and cut 1 inch off the opposite end. Remove the seeds and membrane.
  3. Carefully twist a votive candleholder and candle down into the pepper.

Vase Instructions:

Place a row of
pepper vases on
a table.

1. Look for odd and twisted pepper shapes to add variety. Here, you are not looking for boxy peppers, as for votive candleholders.

2. Cut the pepper in the same manner as for a votive, trimming the stem even with the top of the pepper, then cutting 1 inch of the pepper off the opposite side. If the pepper has straight sides, try cutting it lengthwise and placing it on its side. Remove the seeds and membrane.

3. Fill the pepper with water, and arrange flowers or herbs.