Learn about embroidery and cross-stitch supplies and basic techniques.


Embroidery & Cross-Stitch Projects
Cross-Stitch Projects

Make these quick-to-finish cross-stitch projects for any occasion.

Hand-Stitch a Pincushion

Add texture to a wool flower pincushion by hand-stitching.

Simple Dandelion Project

Long straight stitches and small French dots create flowers.

Everything in Basics
Learn How
  • Backstitches

    Add this essential stitch to your repertoire.

  • Five Embroidery Stitches

    When it comes to these basic stitches, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  • French Knot

    Tricky at first but easy to master with practice, the French knot appears in many stamped and counted cross-stitch...

  • Needle Types

    Confused by all the choices in needles for your needlework projects? Here's what you need to know.

  • Ribbon Embroidery How To

    Learn how to create various ribbon embroidery stitches with our simple tutorial and diagrams.

  • Secure Thread at the Beginning

    Start right with a firmly and neatly secured thread.

  • Secure Thread at the End

    Secure your cross-stitch neatly with these steps.

  • Threads for Stitching

    With so many products on the market, choosing a thread for cross-stitch can be a challenge. Here's what you need to...

  • Whipstitch

    Also used in hand sewing, this stitch belongs on fabric edges.

  • Quarter and Three-Quarter Stitches

    To obtain rounded shapes in a design, use quarter and three-quarter cross-stitches.


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