Elegant Ribbon Poppies

These soft pastel poppies are made from three colors of ribbon to form an exquisite floral composition.
Step 1: U-Gathered Petals

What You Need:

Bring delight with these pretty

  • Milliner's sharp size 10 needle
  • Keep 2 yards of wired, non-wired, silk, ombré (two-tone), velvet, cross weave or solid ribbon at home
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Sharp sewing scissors
  • White quilting thread or beading thread is stronger than sewing thread
  • Household wire cutters


Click on the image to view the
stitching pattern.

  1. Using 1-1/2-wide ribbon, make two petals using 6-inch lengths of ribbon and two petals using 7-inch lengths of ribbon.
  2. If the ribbon has wire in the edges, remove the bottom edge wire.
  3. Stitch the pattern, using a simple running stitch.
  4. Gather the ribbon tightly to form a petal shape. Secure the gathering with stitches.
  5. For multiple petals, divide the ribbon equally and create the appropriate number of U-gathers.

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