Quick and Easy Gift Ideas

Make an easy gift perfect for any occasion. These quick and creative ideas will brighten anyone's day.

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Stamped, embellished flowerpots, quick and easy gift ideas
Stamped and Painted Flowerpots

    Give the gift of easy gardening. Stamp patterns and images on white flowerpots using solvent ink, then add color with acrylic paints. For three-dimensional flair, stamp designs on thin crafting metal, cut out, paint, and attach to pots. Use permanent markers to add personalized messages to the flowerpot gifts.

Stamped Pillow Sham

    Liven up ordinary pillow shams with stamps and ribbon. Trim a piece of canvas big enough to fit the front of a pillow sham, then stamp on flowers and stems using solvent ink. Attach trim, ribbons, and buttons, and sew the canvas to the sham. To finish, insert a pillow form and tie the sham closed with more ribbon.

Drawstring Bag

    This easy-to-make drawstring bucket bag is perfect for holding a wallet, cell phone, and car keys. Also use it to tuck jewelry safely in a suitcase on vacation.

Decorative Salt and Pepper Shakers

    Turn salt and pepper shakers into easy decor with a pencil and a little paint. Dip a pencil eraser or tip into glass paint and dot onto the shaker's surface.

Quote Jar

    Give an inspiring, fortune-filled gift. Write mood-boosting quotes, sayings, or tasks on tiny slips of paper, then use them to fill a clear jar. For extra oomph, dress up the jar lid with patterned paper and other craft supplies.

Quick Candy Box

    Turn a plastic storage container into a personalized treat box. Use scrapbooking supplies to embellish the gift. Trim patterned papers to fit the interior and exterior of the lid, then add stickers and painted chipboard for extra interest.

Stamped Clock Face

    Replace a clock's traditional numbers with creative stamped images for a personalized gift. Use a letter opener to pry open the cover of inexpensive clock. Remove the arms, and stamp designs on the face. Then replace the arms and the cover.

Quick and Easy Floral Pens

    Brighten someone's day with super-easy spring-theme pens. Secure flower embellishments atop a pen, then wrap the base with coordinating paper for a pretty, put-together look.

Mailbox Card Holder

    Tuck away special greetings in this decorative mailbox. Brush decoupage medium on the mailbox and apply tissue paper to the coated surface. After it dries, sand excess tissue paper off the mailbox, then embellish with scrapbooking supplies.

Embellished Canvas Tote Bag

    Add personal style to an ordinary canvas tote. Hand- or machine-stitch fabric along the side and bottom seams of the tote. Glue or stitch wide ribbon in a coordinating color to the top edge of the added fabric.

Easy Teakettle Pincushion

    Keep sewing supplies handy with this pretty makeshift pincushion. Simply wrap a foam ball with felt and push it into the top of a tiny teakettle.

Cute Cookbook Holder

    Turn a magazine holder into fun and functional kitchen decor. Paint tiny designs on chipboard shapes and the base of the holder. To bring out the kitchen theme, attach an embellished wood spoon.

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