Easy Projects with Craft Scraps

Don't toss the ribbon, fabric, and paper scraps lying around your craft room -- transform them into a beautiful project.

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Bright flower from paper towel tubes
Bright Painted Flowers

    Welcome spring with pretty flowers made from toilet-paper tubes.

Craft a Pin Cushion with Wool Scraps

    Make adorable pin cushions out of your leftover wool scraps. These pretty cushions are super easy and come in handy for your next project.

Turn Fabric Scraps into a Bag

    Create this bright quilted bag with scraps of fabric, ribbon, and buttons.

Create Instant Artwork

    Use leftover paper as a makeshift mat board. Simply measure your scraps and piece them together in a patchwork pattern. Customize the frame with photos and journaling.

Paper Cupcake

    Make a sweet cupcake as a nonedible gift. Fold a round piece of paper into a cup shape. Wrap long, narrow pieces of paper around a pencil to fill the cup with curls. Embellish with a little note or small stickers and cutouts.

Sweet Baby Mobile

    Make this sweet little mobile from large chipboard shapes. After adhering papers to both sides of the shapes, machine-stitch around the edges. Punch holes at the tops and tie bows. Hang from the large butterfly with rickrack. Be sure to hang the mobile safely out of the little one's reach.

Decoupage Vases

    Give vases a new outlook to match your decor. Cover a glass vase in decoupage medium, and then apply strips of patterned tissue paper. Cover vase sufficiently with paper, and then apply another coat of decoupage medium.

Paper-Lined Jars

    The difference is in the details. Cover the insides of plastic or glass jars and containers with patterned paper. Cut to size, place inside, and secure with tape. Cover a grouping of jars and display together.

Polka-Dot Vase

    Reminiscent of kindergarten projects, this basket starts out as a quart-size milk container. The waterproof carton is well-suited to be a vase. Water-soaked floral foam makes it easy to poke in an arrangement of -miniature carnations or flowers from your garden.

    You will need:

    * 1-quart drink carton

    * Ruler

    * Marker or pen

    * Scissors

    * Card stock: blue, green, yellow, pink, white

    * White glue (or spray glue)

    * Fiskars paper crimper

    * Large-hole punch

    1. Measure and mark 4 inches from the bottom on all sides of the carton; cut off the portion above the line. For the handle, cut a 1/2-inch-wide piece from three sides of the upper part of the carton.

    2. Glue blue card stock to the basket, neatly piecing the paper if necessary to cover.

    3. Cut a 1/2x10-inch handle from blue card stock and feed it through the paper crimper. Glue the blue crimped paper to the carton handle; trim excess paper. Glue the handle to the basket.

    4. For polka dots, punch circles from card stock; glue the dots to the basket.

    5. Cut three 3/4x11-inch pieces of green paper and feed them through the paper crimper. From one of the pieces cut a 6-inch length and a 3-inch length. Glue the ends of the 6-inch length together to make a ring. Wrap the 3-inch length around the center of the ring to form a bow. Glue the remaining two 11-inch pieces around the basket; trim excess. Glue the bow in place.

Paper Chain

    Write quick notes about what you're grateful for and add it to a paper chain. Have the whole family get involved. The chain is a great use for the paper scrap pile. Link with double-sided tape.

Ribbon-Embellished Notebooks

    Beginning at one end of the wire spiral binding, insert a ribbon under the first spiral and tie in a square knot to secure. Continue adding assorted ribbons until each wire spiral is covered with two or more ribbons. (How full you'd like the fringe-filled spiral binding is up to you.) Leave some wire uncovered so the notebook will lay flat when open. Trim ribbon ends at an angle. If desired, apply seam sealant to prevent fraying.

Pretty Party Favors

    Fill small cellophane bags with candy or mints. Use decorative-edge scissors on both the top and bottom edge of a strip of card stock, adhere to the top of the cellophane bag. Glue on leftover decorative buttons or other scrapbook embellishments.

Pretty Desk Organizer

    Take your desk organizer from plain to pretty with paper scraps. Start with a clear acrylic desk organizer. Cut scraps according to size of the organizer spaces. Play with patterns and colors to create a fun look. Adhere to the bottom of the container with tape. These can be easily switched when your decor changes.

Friendly Lion Puppet

    Create animal puppets from paper for an inexpensive kids' craft. Use buttons and other embellishments to add life to the animals. Button eyes and a full mane of paper strips give this lion paper-bag puppet his cheerful charm.

Kooky Elephant Puppet

    Mismatch your puppet's eyes to give it extra kooky character. Sprinkle metallic glitter on a chipboard crown to create the elephant paper-bag puppet's scruffy hair.

Cuddly Bear Puppet

    Place a bumblebee brad near the bear's stitched mouth for an extra-cute touch. Use a big black button for his nose.

Gift Embellishments

    Adorn gifts with repurposed paper details. Tie up packages with pretty ribbons. Stamp on plain or patterned paper. Cut around the design and adhere to the gift or use as a tag.

Treat Baskets

    Make little baskets for anyone deserving of a special treat. Cut paper in a circle. Make two cuts to the center so that one-fourth of the circle is removed. Wrap the paper in a cone and adhere. Punch holes near the top to lace through a ribbon handle. Fill with treats for any occasion.

Greeting Cards Wreath

    Select a palette of coordinating hues to create a whimsical wreath. Cut greeting cards into different-size circles. Arrange the circles into a wreath shape, overlapping as desired. Secure with crafts glue. Machine-stitch over the top using coordinating or contrasting thread. Attach a ribbon to the wreath with a colored paper clip and hang.

Elegant Book Jackets

    Lovely handmade papers make these journals more than just a good read. Remove the existing jackets and use as a pattern. Cut the paper to size and then replace the original jacket with the new cover for display.

Be Creative with Extra Paper

    Transform extra paper into a one-of-a-kind clock with a shadow box clock set. Shop your local crafts store for the premade clock then add your own personality with paper scraps and photos.

Instant Storage with Old Jars

    Transform old jars into handy storage for ribbon, buttons, and tags.

Make Creative Scrapbook Pages

    This scrapbook page uses leftovers in a creative way. A single piece of chipboard splashes an initial on the bottom left side of the page. Bits of ribbon add a touch of personality without taking over the page. Paper scraps are transformed into a flowers to go with this beachy theme.

Transform Pegboard

    Do you have extra pegboard lying around the garage? Don't toss it; turn it in to a storage area for your tools. Attach it to your wall, then finish it off by adding molding around the edges.

Piece Together Pillows

    Embellish an ordinary pillow with ribbon scraps and fringe. These photo-frame pillows are easy to make -- and make the perfect gift.

Get Creative with Extra Chip-Board Letters

    If you only have bits and pieces of leftover chip board, get creative when it comes to using them for projects. Here we substituted the missing O's with buttons.

Transform Excess Ribbon

    Don't toss your ribbon scraps -- transform them into a cute visual element such as these birthday candles on a scrapbook page.

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