Simple Crafts Under $10

Try these easy crafts to spruce up your home without emptying your wallet!

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Picture frames with patterned paper photo mats
Creative Picture Frames

    For a creative photo mat, cut square windows from patterned paper. Place the paper inside a frame, adding photos.

Embellish an Ordinary Bowl

    Take a plain bowl from boring to bold with a little help from paper and a fresh coat of paint.

Button-Embellished Towels

    Give plain hand towels a new look. Sew rows of buttons to the edges for a creative, personalized look.

Create a Cornucopia of Seeds

    Craft this fall centerpiece by attaching beans to foam balls. This one is sure to impress.

Holiday Season Sweets Jar

    Make a quick, inexpensive craft that's perfect for the holiday season. Place bagged cocoa mix in the middle of a clear jar with lid and fill the sides with peppermints and marshmallows. Finish with a simple bow and tag for a pretty and tasty gift.

Paper Embellished Picture Frame

    Turn your crafts scraps into the perfect picture frame. Paint the frame with your choice of acrylic paint, then decoupage pieces of patterned paper. Let the glue dry, then apply another layer to seal it. Back cutouts from patterned paper with chipboard to give them dimension, adhere to the frame, insert a favorite photo, and you're done!

Make Rustic Wired Candle Holders

    Perfect for displaying on a mantel or table, create these unique candle holders using wire and a wood block.

Fabric-Covered Journal

    Reflect your style by using your favorite fabrics to make a personalized journal. This project is a great use for fabric scraps.

Embroider a Stationery Set

    Add a personal touch to a set of plain stationery. Sketch a pattern onto the cards before you start sewing. Use a darning needle and 4mm-7mm silk ribbon to pierce a design into the stationery. Make sure to tie the knot on the back of the cards.

Decorative Mirror

    Turn a simple, wide-frame mirror into stellar home decor with a scrap of wallpaper. Trace the frame onto the back of a piece of wallpaper, then cut it out. Apply a thin coating of wallpaper adhesive to the frame, then position the wallpaper on top. Burnish to remove any air bubbles. Reinsert the mirror.

Customize Your Stationery

    Savor spring by adding pressed flowers to your stationery.

A Unique Utensil Holder

    Recycle old magazines by turning the pages into a kitchen utensil holder. Use a wooden dowel to roll the pages. Then attach them to a can.

Clipboard Artwork

    Use photos and basic crafts supplies such as patterned paper, label holders, and ribbon pieces to create artwork from clipboards. They're the perfect office accessory or clever gift idea.

Easy Embellished Towels

    Spice up an old set of tea towels using ribbon. Attach the ribbon to the towels by sewing them on or by using no-sew hem tape.

Monogram Picture Frame

    Cover a picture frame with patterned paper and a monogram to create a personalized gift. Basic polka dot paper and a single chipboard letter make this cute photo frame.

Craft a Pretty Pasta Tree

    Who knew noodles could be transformed into a beautiful tree! Try this easy project to create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.

Make a Cute Daisy May Basket

    Perfect for birthday party favors or a cute spring gift, this basket is made out of a paper cone.

Family Photo Frame

    Turn crafts supplies into a perfect gift for dad. Pair neutral-tone patterned paper with phrase stickers and adhere to a picture frame with crafts glue or double-sided adhesive tape. Embellish with ribbons and tags if desired.

Holiday Candy Jars

    Need a great holiday party favor? Fill small glass jars with candy. Dip the lid in crafts glue, then in glitter for a festive look. Add bottle caps for a finishing touch. You also could try large buttons, dimensional stickers, or other supplies from your stash.

Laser-Cut Paper in Frame

    Make laser-cut paper the basis for a clever graphic crafts project. Place the paper in a floating frame and layer minimal embellishments on top to create dimension against a wall.

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