Novelty Eraser Stamps

Turn any eraser with a graphic image into a stamp set for making patterns on paper or fabric.
Crafts Supplies for Novelty Eraser Stamps

It's fun to carve your own stamps, and it's easy when you use inexpensive erasers for the carving material. Novelty erasers have designs printed on them, come in fun shapes, and can be found in the dollar store. Just follow the printed design to carve a stamp.

If the image printed on the eraser is complicated, simplify it by carving only the main shapes. What is carved away will not print, and what is left will print. Start with something simple. It isn't necessary to carve very deep. If you mess up, just start with a new eraser.

What you'll need:

Page with stamped eraser pattern

  • Carving handle and blade (blades are also called cutters). The smallest V-shape cutter (#1) is the main cutter used. The bigger cutters are for cutting out backgrounds. These can be found at crafts stores.
  • Novelty erasers
  • Stamp pad
  • Paper or fabric

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