In the Bag: 6 Easy Storage Ideas

Think of bags as the kids' version of file drawers and closet organizers. Check out these 6 easy-to-make ideas to clean up the clutter around your house.

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  • Toss It in a Case

    Make cleanup a breeze by converting ready-made pillow cases into storage bags.

    How to Make It

    -- Stitch a casing a couple inches from the case's top edge.

    -- Thread cording through the casing.

    -- Clinch bags and hang.

  • Perfect Shower Storage

    Tuck kids' bath toys and gear into a liner that hangs out of sight behind the shower curtain. Made from athletic mesh, this bag drip-dies fast.

    How to Make It

    -- Size the liner to one width of mesh.

    -- Sew a strip of fabric along the top edge for a stable surface. Add slots for shower curtain pins.

    -- Customize the lines by making a series of mesh pockets to hold gear.

    -- Cut mesh to size for pockets, then stitch a length of contrasting fabric, at the top, to create a casing.

    -- Thread elastic through the casing and pull to gather.

  • Toss It Over the Couch

    Create a place for everything with this fun throw. It tucks under the sofa cushions and lifts off at a moment's notice.

    How to Make It

    -- Sew large pockets to a sturdy throw.

    -- Add 3-inch panels to the sides and bottom.

    -- Add embellishments such as ribbons, buttons, and zippers to complete the look.

  • Hanging Storage

    Oilcloth bags hanging on the back of the door corral blocks, Barbies, and other small toys. Zippers on the sides of each bag let a child open it for use as a play surface.

    How to Make It

    -- Cut two rectangles (one for facing, one for lining) with a 1/2-inch seam allowance on all sides.

    -- Sew zippers into the sides of the bag.

    -- To make the tabs, cut a fabric strip 5-1/2 inches wide.

    -- Fold the long edges in so they slightly overlap and machine stitch.

    -- Cut tabs to fit over rod.

    -- Top off with a snap to hold the ends together.

  • Roll-Up Nap Sack

    Make a one-of-a-kind travel roll that you can pack for an overnight stay at Grandma's house.

    How to Make It

    -- Determine how many pockets you'll need for clothes and gear.

    -- Cut fabric to length and wide enough to hold all your goodies.

    -- Choose a second fabric to line the inside of the bag.

    -- On the inside, stitch pockets out of athletic mesh, sized to fit pajamas, diapers, or blankets.

  • Soap Storage

    Stitch the edges of two washcloths for double-duty bath accessories -- a small bag for soap and the perfect scrub cloth.

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