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Easy Felt Crafts

Felt is a cheap (and easy) fabric to work with! These projects will add a handmade touch and warm look to your home with just a few basic supplies.


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    • Felt iPad Cover

      Protect your iPad from scratches with a punch of color. Cut two pieces of felt -- one 8x10 inches and the other 8x13 inches. Decorate the smaller piece with felt cutouts. Sew a button 2 inches from the top as shown. Sew an elastic band to the top of the larger piece. (This will allow you to close the case.) Lay the smaller piece atop the larger piece, and stitch the exposed seams together.

      Editor's Tip: Make a felt cover for your computer tablet or e-reader, too. Simply measure your device, cut your felt to size (The larger piece just needs to allow for a fold-over flap.), and follow the instructions above.

    • Everlasting Felt Bloom

      Create a flower than will never wilt with felt, colorful stitching, and cute buttons.

    • Swirly Felt Wreath

      Twirl scraps of felt together for a playful and colorful wreath.

    • Felt Flowers Pillow

      Dress up a store-bought pillow with colorful felt flowers. Cut simple five-petal flower shapes from felt in various colors, then layer several graduated sizes to make one flower. Using a needle and thread, stitch through the centers of the flowers to tack them together. Stitch about a dozen flowers to the pillow surface, bunching them together to create three-dimensional blooms.

    • Felt Flower Lamp Embellishment

      Embellish a pretty lamp with a felt bloom. Using 100-percent-wool yarn that is labeled for felting, knit or crochet several flower and leaf shapes. Place the pieces in a mesh laundry bag before washing and hand-shape them before they dry. To make the lamp base cover, measure the height and the circumference of the lamp and cut a rectangular piece of felted wool to size. Wrap the fabric around the lamp with right side in, pin closed and pin evenly spaced darts at the top and bottom curves. Remove the fabric, sew the darts, and then sew the piece into a tube. Turn right side out and slip over the lamp base. Hand-stitch a running stitch with heavy-duty thread at the top and bottom and pull to cinch tight, then tie off at the back. Sew the felted embellishments onto the lamp base to finish.

    • Retro Felt Coasters

      Wrap these practical yet funky felt coasters up as a gift or make for yourself to add some flavor to a coffee table.

    • Framed Felt Leaf Artwork

      Brighten the wall above your buffet or kitchen table with this easy-to-make leaf artwork. Mount felt leaf shapes (available at crafts stores or traced and cut from a printed clip-art pattern) in shadow boxes with scrapbook-paper mats. Add extra flair with decorative stickpins and cute ribbon bows.

    • Daisy and Pom-Pom Garland

      Perfect for any time of year, this garland can dress up a mantel, window, or even act as a banner for a party. Button-capped felt flowers and yarn pom-poms add flower power to a room.

    • Cupcake Pincushion

      No need to count calories with these yummy-looking felted cupcakes. The ribbing from sweaters emulates baking cups, bright-color felted sweater scraps form the frosting, and tiny beads stand in for sprinkles.

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      Easy Felt Tote

      This funky floral tote is as fashionable as it is functional. Bright pink, orange, and blue make this beginner bag perfect for spring or summer. Swap in brown and dark green for a fall-to-winter look.

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      Felt Medallion Garland

      Give any room a spirited lift with this bright and funky garland. Hot-glue 2-inch felt circles to string, then drape the string around a window. Add pops of interest by attaching felt-embellished medallions with hot-glue to the felt circles as desired.

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      Owl Pencil Holder

      Take office supplies from drab to fab. Simple felt shapes and stitches combine to make an adorable pencil holder.

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