Dot-to-Dot Place Mats

Dot-to-dots are always great, and this extra big version makes eating time even more fun!

What You Need:

Girl Drawing on Dot-to-dot Place Mat Use the flower or sailboat
patterns, or make your own playful

  • Tempera paint
  • Disposable plate
  • Paintbrush
  • Large pieces of butcher or white shelf paper
  • Place mat for pattern
  • Tissue paper; pencil
  • Scissors; black fine-line marking pen
  • Gift wrap to color coordinate; glue
  • Clear self-stick shelf liner
  • Pinking shears; crayon


1. Download the free pattern for this project. (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.)


2. Pour paint into a plate and spread with a brush. Ask a grown-up to help you place your hand, palm-side down, into paint. Rub hands together to put paint on other hand.

3. Place hands onto white paper and press. Get more paint on hands. Leaving some white areas showing on the paper, continue making handprints. Print as many pieces of paper as you wish.

4. Trace around a place mat on a piece of tissue paper to make a pattern. Cut out the pattern and place over the printed paper. Trace around pattern and cut the place mat from the printed paper.

5. Trace a dot-to-dot pattern onto tissue paper. Lay the tissue paper over the handprint place mat and mark dots with pencil, poking holes in tissue paper with pencil point.

6. Make paint dots over the pencil dots using your finger. Use a black marking pen to number the dots. Wait to connect the dots until finished.

7. Use a black marking pen to number the dots. Wait to connect the dots until finished.

8. Cut long strips of gift wrap to fold around the edge of the place mat. Glue in place. Cut a backing from wrapping paper and glue to the back of the place mat.

9. Cut two pieces of clear self-stick plastic slightly larger than place mat. Have a grown-up help peel one-fourth of the backing off one piece and place sticky-side down over one end of the place mat. Smooth with your hands and slowly peel off more of the backing, smoothing clear self-stick plastic over place mat.

10. Repeat with the second piece of clear self-stick plastic on opposite side of place mat. Use pinking shears to trim away excess plastic.

11. Starting with number one and following the numbers in order, use a crayon to connect the dots on top of the clear plastic. Use a paper towel to wipe off the crayon for the next use.