Cutting Continuous Binding

Quilts with simple straight edges can be bound using straight-grain binding. You can get straight-grain binding by piecing cut strips end to end or by using the continuous-cut method. For continuous cutting, start with a square or rectangle of fabric. Draw a diagonal line as if you were preparing to cut bias strips. Cut on the drawn line.

Sew the resulting two pieces together with a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Press the seam open. Use a quilt marker and a ruler to draw parallel lines across the length of the seamed fabric piece. The space between the lines is the desired width of the binding strip, including seam allowance. For example, space the lines 2-inch apart for a 1/2-inch-wide finished binding.

Bring the bias edges together, matching right sides, to create a tube. Offset the edges by shifting one down so that the top of one edge aligns with the first marked line of the opposite edge. Holding the fabric in this position, sew the bias edges together. Press the seam open. Begin cutting on the top marked line and cut in a continuous spiral. Each time you cut across the seam, you'll be moving down one marked line.

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