Creativity Fence

Mixing and blending just the right colors together make very pretty fencing.
What You Need:
Creativity Fence
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Use pure colors and your fence
will look bright and cheery!

  • Bright outdoor latex paints in desired colors, such as
    white, green, yellow, pink, lavender, red, and blue
  • White picket fence (find it at home centers)
  • Old clothes and shoes
  • Paintbrushes
  • Disposable plate
  • Sponges, including a round stamping sponge with handle


1. When blending colors for a fence, choose colors that look bright and pretty when mixed together. On this fence, the kids used aqua, lime green, lavender, pink, yellow, and orange.

2. Begin with a clean, dry fence and wear old clothes and shoes. Blend two or three colors together on one piece of wood. Use a different brush for each color. Use a clean paintbrush to blend the colors together. Do this until the fence piece is completely painted. Let it dry.

3. Pour a little bit of white paint onto a disposable plate. Holding the handle, dip the sponge into the paint and press onto the fence.

4. Sponge round shapes in circles to make flowers. Let the paint dry. Sponge yellow circles in the centers of the flowers. Let the paint dry. Paint green stems and leaves. Let the paint dry.


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