Crazy Egg People

Create your own egg friends after you read about Cal & Sal's eggs-cellent adventure.

Cal, Sal, and Al Yolk

Meet the twins Cal and Sal. They've lost their little brother Al, even though they were told by their folks, "Stay away from slippery slopes."

The last time they saw Al -- alas! -- he was rolling down the counter quite fast. "We have to find him," they cried, "or our little whites will be fried."

Cal and Sal asked everyone, "Have you seen Mr. and Mrs. Yolk's son?" "Have you seen him?" they asked Inspector Pat. "Oh dear no -- I hope he didn't kersplat." Without hope they asked Cowboy Chet. (His Daddy was a Western omelette.) They asked a crowd just from the crisper. But they were too cool to even whisper. The last egg they asked was Deviled Dan who simply snarled, "Check the saute pan!"

It's up to you, boys and girls, no doubt, to find little Al. Please help Cal and Sal. Al will not be found until you make him. So be a good egg and make Al. Then hide him again on your Easter table.

To make your own crazy egg people, use the ingredients suggested or think of some fun alternatives. Attach various food items with toothpicks as needed to hardboiled eggs. For food safety reasons, do not eat creations.


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