Cool Jewels for Kids

Go wild making little doodads to trim your wrists, neck, and toes.
Toe Rings
feet in sandals with toerings
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Wear a new one each day of the
week -- or wear 10 to dress up
every toe on your feet.

Way silly and loads of fun, these little "gems" take only seconds to make. Just thread buttons, beads, and charms onto chenille stems, and give a quick twist.

What You Need:

  • Chenille stems
  • Assorted decorative items, such as beads, buttons, and foam shapes


1. For each ring, thread a chenille stem with one or more decorative items.

2. Wrap the chenille stem in a ring around a toe. Remove the ring from the toe. Then wrap the chenille stem ends around the ring and trim any excess.

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