Trendy Jewelry Projects

Make one of these jewelry projects for yourself or to give as a gift.


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    • Bangle Beauties

      Don't consider yourself artistic? Rub-ons to the rescue! Start with a painted wooden bangle; then use a crafts stick to transfer designs onto the sides.

    • Under Wraps Bracelets

      Any way you wrap it, you can't go wrong with these vintage-style leather bracelets. Reach into your scrap pile for bits of fabric, old clip-on earrings, and zippers to get the look.

    • The Bow Tie Bracelet

      There's nothing stuffy of formal about this bow tie. Upcycled leather purse straps cut from an old handbag or tote make this project an economical and resourceful one.

    • High Tide Bracelet

      Dangling seashells and bits of sea glass give this bracelet beachy attitude. A series of knots tied onto leather cording hold everything in place.

    • Twirly Flower Ring

      When doesn't a flower make the perfect accessory? We love this fun and feminine crochet flower for its versatility--wear it as a ring, as a brooch, or on a headband.

    • Play Ball Bracelet

      Hit a home run with fashionable cuffs made from the leather coverings using a baseball. You'll want one for yourself and every ball gam lover on your list.

    • Simple Knot Bracelets

      What's "knot" to love about these sporty bracelets? Use paracord (available at outdoors stores) to whip them up in a jiffy.

    • Literary-Bound Bracelets

      Salvage a portion of a cloth-covered book binding and turn it into a cuff that speaks volumes. Personalize it with a book title that appeals to you, then add your choice of embroidery stitches.

    • Multiple-Strand Bracelet

      The glisten of mirror-finish glass beads is complemented by the smoky colors of hematite and the sparkle of crystals in this five-strand bracelet. The large, multiple-strand clasp takes the design from simple to smashing. Like any great centerpiece, the clasp is a wonderful accent that pulls in a multitude of colors without overwhelming the delicate strands.

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      Graphic Necklace

      Make this trendy necklace using black and white Shrinky Dinks plastic. Punch or cut circles from the plastic. The plastic will shrink to about one-third of its original size, so plan accordingly. The circles for this necklace started at 3 inches in diameter. Punch or cut squares in the middle of some of your circles; leave the rest solid.

      Use a paper punch to punch two holes directly across from each other and near the outer edge of each circle. These holes are for the jump rings that eventually will link the pieces.

      Use alcohol-based permanent ink to stamp designs on some of the white circles. Let the ink dry.

      Follow the package directions for baking the pieces. Let the pieces cool. Use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges.

      Use 1/4-inch jump rings to connect the pieces. This necklace uses three to five jump rings between each piece.

      For a necklace that is 36 inches long, you will need 18 circles. Where the necklace will rest on your neck, string multiple jump rings

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      Multiple-Strand Beaded Necklace

      Big beads make for a snappy necklace. For a knockout look, mix gemstones with smooth and faceted textures. Pick out the strands of big beads first, then mix them with strands in other shapes, sizes, and colors.

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      Two-Strand Bracelet

      This super simple bracelet mixes different shapes of beads. Try brights and neutrals together, or make a monochromatic version.

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      Beaded Earrings

      Make a matched set to go with your beaded bracelet and multiple-strand necklace.

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      Multiple-Strand Beaded Necklace Color Option

      This beautiful blue option uses four strands instead of five. This monochromatic necklace uses amazonite, chalcedony, turquoise, and simulated aquamarine.

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      Two-Strand Bracelet and Beaded Earrings Color Option

      Make a two-strand bracelet in a single color. Make simple drop earrings with single leftover gemstones.

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      Beaded Picture Frame Necklace

      Show off your loved ones with this do-it-yourself charm. Follow the directions on a Tilano fresco glass ornament kit and add rub-ons and a beaded chain to finish it off.

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      Super Trendy Rings

      Take a clear acrylic dome ring and paint a design or decoupage your favorite paper to the inside.

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      Stylish Pendant

      Make this pretty pendant using Shrinky Dinks Ruff n' Ready plastic. Cut or punch a square out of the plastic. The plastic will shrink to about one-third its original size, so plan accordingly. Color the frosted side of the plastic square with a color pencil. Cut or punch an oval out of another piece of plastic. Use alcohol-based permanent ink to stamp a design on the frosted side of the plastic oval.

      Use a paper punch to punch a hole at the top of each piece; this is where they will connect on the black cording.

      Follow the package directions for baking the pieces. Let the pieces cool. Use sandpaper to smooth out any rough edges

      Layer the two pieces and use thin black cording, found at crafts supply stores, to connect the two pieces into a necklace.

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      Pearl Earrings

      • Six 2-millimeter freshwater pearls

      • Two 6-millimeter freshwater pearls

      • Two sterling-silver post-style earring findings with attached loop

      • Six sterling-silver head pins

      • Wire


      Using head pins, make three 2-millimeter pearls into drops. Make a small loop in a piece of wire. Add the pearl drops to the loop, then clamp the loop closed. Add a 6-millimeter pearl to wire. Finish the top of the 6-millimeter pearl as a drop. Open the loop on the bottom of earring finding. Add the pearl drop to the loop and close. Repeat to make a second earring.

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      Lovely Necklace

      Make this beautiful necklace using felted wool beads. This 40-inch-long necklace uses nine felted beads, nine flat clear beads, and smaller colored beads on either side of the felted beads. You can use any type of bead you wish to add interest to your necklace.

      Using black cord from your crafts store and a large needle, string the beads onto the cording.

      This design is random so place large beads about 3 inches apart with smaller beads on either side of the large beads.

      Tie a knot on both sides of the beads to hold them in place. Leave approximately 2 inches between each set of beads.

      Tie the ends together when finished.

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      Scrabble Letter Charm

      Make a cool Scrabble letter charm to go with every outfit. The easy tutorial will guide you through the steps to make these popular charms. If you don't have time to make your own, HomeStudio offers a variety of styles for sale.

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      Big Stone Earrings

      Chunky nuggets aren't just for necklaces and bracelets. When used sparingly, they make striking focal points in earrings. Simple designs work best. Accented with a bit of chain or a single jump ring, these rocks won't weigh you down.

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      Big Stone Earrings Option 2

      Make a wire-wrapped teardrop option.

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      Big Stone Earrings Option 3

      Make a round bead on a chain option.

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      Big Stone Earrings Option 4

      Make a bead on hammered wire option.

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      Bead Earrings


      • Sterling wire

      • Two orange beads -- about 10 millimeters in diameter

      • Four 2-millimeter sterling-silver beads

      • Jewelry tools

      • 3/8-inch wooden dowel or Sharpie brand marker


      1. Cut wire into two pieces. Create a loop at one end of each wire. String beads onto each wire.

      2. Hold beads snuggly against loops. Bend each wire at a 90-degree angle.

      3. Hold the dowel against the top of the orange bead while bending each wire over the dowel to create an arch.

      4. Cut each wire slightly longer than where it hits along the loop. Bend each wire slightly at the end to create a latch.

      5. Insert the end of the wire into the latch to close.

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      Mohair Flower Brooch

      Knit a mini work of wearable art using sparkly, multihue mohair-blend yarn and a rhinestone button for this flower brooch. Each petal is knit individually and sewn together using the yarn tails.

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      Elegant Pink Beaded Necklace

      Make a simple beaded necklace to match any outfit. Start with our basic directions for making a two-strand necklace, then alter them to fit the beads that catch your eye.

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      Crocheted Wire Necklace

      This five-strand necklace employs a simple chain stitch to attach beads on 26-gauge copper wire. Faceted, iced, pyramid, teardrop, and glass beads in an array of gold, copper, and amber tones will encircle your neck in glowing color.

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      Bottle Cap Bracelet

      Determine the length of the bracelet you desire and lay out bottle caps accordingly. Mark where they will connect.

      Use an awl and hammer to make small holes in the rims. Sand or file the backs of the holes.

      Use scrapbook stickers to decorate the bottle caps. Cover the bottle caps with three coats of paper sealer, letting the sealer dry after each coat.

      Join the bottle caps with jump rings. Attach the toggle clasp to the bracelet strand with jump rings.

      Blank bottle caps are available at scrapbooking and crafts stores.

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      Beaded Charm Necklace

      This pretty charm necklace is so easy to make, you can make it in multiples and give them as gifts. See next slide for instructions.

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      Beaded Charm Necklace Detail

      Determine the length you would like your necklace to be and cut a piece of cording to that measurement. Attach the cording to the top of the charm holder by putting the ends through a loop at the top.

      Select the beads you would like for your charm dangles. Use three sterling-silver head pins to place beads on and create a drop. Make a small loop at the top of each.

      Slide the drops onto the charm holder.

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      Double-Strand Necklace

      To make this simple but stylish necklace, gather assorted glass beads, one pendant bead, heavy-duty clear stretchable plastic beading cord, and a toggle-style necklace closure for a triple-strand necklace.

      Lay the beads out to the desired length and pattern so the necklace will drape slightly. Place the pendant bead at the center of the long strand. Cut the beading cords several inches longer than the bead strands and string the beads onto the cords.

      Tightly tie the ends of the cords to the first and third loops of the closure pieces. (Using a triple-strand closure, spaces the two strands nicely. You can cut off the middle loop.) Run the ends of the cord back into the beads.

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      Colorful Wool Felted Beads

      Success lies in the palms of your hands when you roll out colorful felt beads and string them into a bracelet.
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